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After The Sony Attack, Hacking Threats Warning By Fbi! There May Be Some More Coming Up The Way

As the immense attack on Sony which was done last week is still being discussed by the people, FBI has warned the people related to businesses that a new hacking threat is expected to come in businesses in future – FBI official.

The FIA has taken notice of this new threat in businesses and they are warning all the businesses to have a look on their security system to save themselves from suck kind of threats that we have seen and is still under discussion about Sony pictures.

The systems of Sony were affected by a dangerous software which was a kind of threat and that was the reason to concern about the security measures of all other businesses as well and take precautionary measures to avoid it.

According to an official notification “the threat was considered to be the same as one which was seen in Sony Pictures last week and which was the cause of dangerous software, and the recent threat is similar to the one which is caused by this harmful software.”

The FBI informed that the private industries were getting warnings and advises regularly about many cyber threats which were found during the investigation of FBI.

That means that the companies were getting continuous warnings and advices from FBI that there might be a chance of a cyber attack. And finally, it was Sony Pictures, who became the victim of the cyber threat.

There were few movies which were not released yet made their way online on illicit websites which were not authorized to host, it was done last week and the hackers did this by that harmful software and same kind of threat is expected in the businesses by the hackers-FBI officials.

Smart Lock: The Digital Security Modules To Thorough Away Your Old Keys!


An innovative door lock powered by the apps can move the smart home lock into a mainstream.

The innovation of the Yves Behar (industrial designer) and the Jason Johnson (tech veteran), the Smart Lock is the keyless lock system that is powered by the mobile app. The smart device costs you the $249 and it promises that you won’t be finding your lost keys once you have decided to buy this smart lock.

The Smart Lock has arrived in the market and it is competing with the many other internet connected devices for the home use from the security systems like the Dropcam to the products like Nest connected thermostat in the market.

In the Las Vegas, there will be a Consumer Electronics Show soon and the products and their potentials in the creation of “the connected home” are likely to be the theme of this show in the Las Vegas.

The Behar is recognized for the tech devices designing like new logo of the PayPal and the Jawbone fitness band and the Johnson of the entrepreneur club of Founder’s Den were looking for a new way to offer the home owners a new way to secure their homes.

According to the co-founder and CEO, Johnson – we were looking to fabricate something innovative that could be simple enough for the users in order to buy it and take it with tem to their homes and can easily install it without the help of anyone else.

The Smart Lock can easily be installed by the users to their homes because you will only need to fix the two screws those can be easily be found as they are being used for 85-90 percent of the all deadbolts in U.S.

The Smart Lock is not the only one or the first in the markets. Such kind of the internet powered locks are already being offered by the other companies manufacturing the security gadgets like the Kwikset and the Schlage.

There was also a prior award winning security system by the Shark Tank named as “Kwikset Kevo.” The system functions like the August Smart Lock that is controlled by the phone’s Bluetooth.

Interestingly, the installation of the Smart Lock doesn’t requires any expert and even a normal user can easily buy it and get it installed in his home for the security concern quite easily and quickly. You can easily replace the existing lock turn by keeping intact the actual mechanism of the lock and replace it with the two screws easily.

There is also an aspect for the social networking in the Smart Lock. There is a guestbook function available in the Smart Lock that will permit the host to leave a photo or the message for the visitors when they are arriving at the host’s door. The guests could also return favor by recording his comment with the help of the app.

There is the encryption technology used by the Smart Lock that is most commonly used by the banks.

The Race For The Device Activation This Holiday: Apple Dominated!

It seems like that on a lot of wish lists of the holiday, the devices by the Apple is clearly on the top.

During the week of the Christmas, there was half of the total device activations, 51% to be exactly were from the Apple – reported by a research firm known as “Flurry”.

On the second spot, it was Samsung with the 18% of the all device activations and followed by the Nokia at the number three with the 6% that makes it on the number three on this list.

There were exactly two iPhone models launched earlier this year and both of them having the bigger screens unlike the previous editions by the iPhone till the iPhone 5s.

The 4.7-inch screen helps the iPhone 6 users to experience a larger screen and the iPhone 6 Plus arrived in the market as the “phablet” that holds a 5.5 inch display.

On the Christmas Day, there are many gift exchanges among the people and most of the gifts exchanged among them are the tablets or the SmartPhones. So, the Christmas Day definitely the one of most popular days for the app downloads.

According to the research firm known as “Flurry” – there was approximately 2.5 times more app installations witnessed by the consumers during the December’s first three weeks.

During the December’s first three weeks, the most popular downloads were from the messaging and the games categories.

For the time, the “phablets” have become the more smart choice to present as a gift because of its larger screen.

According to the research firm Flurry – 13 percent of the new devices those were activated are from the phablet category that was just 3 percent a couple of years back.

There is a decline seen for the small and full size tablets and there were 17 percent of the activated devices those fell under the category of the full size tablets, but in this year, it dropped to only 11 percent.

Google News Should Be Back – Spanish Newspapers!

The Internet seems like the delicate tropical forest network. If the one player is removed, then the rest of the players will also suffer and die. Well actually that happened in the Spain. This week, a crack down on the Google was observed by the government of the Spain. The reason of that was to tell the Google to pay to the news providers of the Spain every time whenever the content from the Google appears on the news site.

As a result, the Google, who is the search giant will put the brakes on the Google News there in Spain. That means, that the Google is going to shut down the Google News and there will be no content available on the major newspapers of the country including the La Vanguardia and El Pais also.

This is a serious concern for all the news providers in the country as they are going to miss out the search giant’s Google News from now on. But, that happened just in the response of the Spanish government’s new policies about the Google News and the Google doesn’t like that at all.

Well, this is a real bad news! While the newspapers have claimed that they can stay alive in this Internet age without seeking any support from outside, this is entirely wrong. Because the most of the news traffic always comes from the search, so it can be imagined how important it is that the Google News must stay alive there.

The Spanish newspapers depend heavily on the Google for the traffic and the visitor count and if it is not there, then you can imagine the situation. It will not be good at all.

The Spanish reports have been received that says that the Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association is asking for the mercy now.

According to the statement of the Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association, “The Google News was not the end of the service provided by its leading market position” and be aware of the Google’s decision about it: “It will without any doubt effect the Spanish businesses and the people and leave a negative impact”.

According to the Google:

The new policy demands every single Spanish publication to charge the services like the Google News in order to show even the little parts from their publications, either they want or they simply don’t. We don’t show any kind of advertisement on the site and the Google News itself don’t makes any money. So, his new policy is just not sustainable. So, sadly, the Google News will no more be available in the Spain and just before the new legislation comes into the effect, the Google will remove the Spanish publishers from the Google News.

So, it is a real concern for the Spanish newspapers as this new law from the Spanish government is going to take effect after the 16 December and the Google is going to remove the Google News in response to that.

Data Lose Is Sure For A Damaged Iphone If You Don’t Have The Itunes Or Icloud Backup Enabled!

In case, where you have broken your iPhone and you are unable to turn it on to get your important personal data saved somewhere in your PC or laptop, but your damaged iPhone is not at all turning on. And you have sent your damaged iPhone to the service center for the service and when it came back after repairing, then unfortunately, you have forgot the passcord/password of your iPhone.

At that point, you must be wondering about a way that can get you your old password or can reset your old password in order to get your personal data stored in your iPhone.

But, unfortunately you are helpless until you have enabled the iTunes or the iCloud backup enabled on your iPhone before you have lost the passcode.

If you have not enabled the iTunes or the iCloud backup on your device, then the system must be treating you like a stranger and you won’t be getting your important data once you have lost your password or the passcode.

Even the police cannot break through the password of your iPhone and the original users has to be there to input his passcode in order to get the access to his personal data from the iPhone.

For the iPhone users, it is impossible to use their device once they have lost the password and the only thing that they can do is, they can reset the device. This thing can permit you to use your iPhone again, but unfortunately, you have to lose all your important data in this situation.

There is not even a single plan other than enabling and updating the iTunes or the iCloud backup on your device or resetting it to use it again.

So, it is so much important for the iPhone users to activate the iTunes or the iCloud backup and update it regularly to make sure if they forgot the passcode, then the important data should be kept on an online storage from where they can retrieve it.

The positive thing about this sort of unbreakable security is that your important personal information can never be accessed or misused by the strangers or the crooks and on the negative side, if you are the genuine owner of your device and you have somehow forgot it’s password without having the online storage backup system activated on your device, then you are going to lose your all important personal data.

An important question is that can anyone really forget his 4-digit passcode? Why not? And the chances for forgetting the passcode increases more if you have been using the Touch ID recognition system.

To help yourself to recover your password if in case you have forgot the one, you can either write it down and fix it at some secure place or you can create the “keepsake” password that you can remember personally.

So, you have to take some sort of precautionary measures in order to make sure that if you forget your password, then you can get your important personal data and information in a way.

Stop Reporting The Sony’s Material Stolen By The Hackers: Says The Sony Lawyer To The Reporters!

The Sony Picture is trying to recover from the shocking cyber attack and they are asking the news organizations to stop examining and to stop broadcasting the company secrets those have been made public by the hackers.

This Sunday – According to the Attorney David Boies, “The tactics f the hackers are a part of the ongoing campaign clearly looking to put a stop to the distribution of a motion picture by the Sony.

According to the Boies, “the suspect is threatening the employees of the SPE”. The David Boies also explained that the hackers are using distribution of the both company information and the private information in order to harm the Sony Pictures Entertainment to push them to withdraw from the distribution of the motion picture.

The way the Attorney David Boies was speaking to the media, it was quite clear that the Sony pictures is in effect and they are being blackmailed by unidentified hacker in order to stop the upcoming movie “The Interview” that is about to release soon.

Until now, Sony picture did not said it publically and has not blamed any particular group or the party that they are behind that devastating cyber attack that happened the last November.

According to the cyber security experts, there might be the North Korea as a likely source of attack behind that devastating cyber attack on the SPE the past November. The reason may be that the Korean regime has already condemned the comedy movie “The Interview” starring the James Franco and Seth Rogen because the story is involving the attempted Kim Jong-Un’s assassination.

A three page letter was dispatched to the legal offices of the number of news organizations in which the Attorney David Boies said that SPE do not allow you to review, disseminate, copy, publicize, download, upload or to make any other use of the stolen material.

In addition, the Attorney David Boies said that he is requesting for your cooperation in order to destroy the materials as well. If the news organization will use or disseminate the information, then the Sony Pictures will not have any other choice rather than holding you the responsible – Attorney David Boies said.

A number of the newspaper organization including the small and the big are reporting the disclosures of the document dump.

“Basically, we have done their bid. According to the Andrew Wallenstein, who is the Variety co-editor in chief said the reliable source on the Sunday. He said that we have made the most of this content and I have not done it lightly.

But still, it was expected to be there anyway, and we ought t be a part of that conversation – the Wallenstein said while defending the decision to publish the excerpts from documents.

There are many news organizations who have received that three-page document from the Sony Pictures and according to the spokesman of the Sony, “the studio has no comment regarding the legal action”.

The Oldest Facebook User (Aged 114) Died!

The Facebook, as the biggest online social media network was emerged on the tech radar back in the year 2004 in the month of February (4th Feb) and it was then got the popularity and the tremendous hype among the all age groups all around the world.

People have build up their online social profiles over this social media platform from the every age group and one witness of the popularity of the Facebook among the all age groups is the 114 years old woman named as Anna Stoehr who has the social media account against her name.

The 114 years old woman Anna Stoehr has been died recently, but the woman has ben considered as the oldest Facebook user all around the world.

According to her family – The Anna Stoehr who is believed to be the oldest woman on the earth using the Facebook has been passed away at the age of 114 years.

The 114 years old Facebook user belonged to the Plainview, Minnesota and she got a widespread attention in the month of October when she claimed that she had to lie for her age in order to sign up as a Facebook user.

In response, the Facebook celebrated the impressive long life of the woman on her birthday.

According to her 84 year old son, Harlan Stoehr – Facebook presented her the big bouquet combined with the 114 flowers in October when she became 114 after knowing that the Anna Stoehr had to provide the fake date of birth in order to sign up for the Facebook account.

There are 5 children along with 27 grandchildren and the 12 great-grandchildren she left after her death.

When Anna Stoehr was born, there was no car, electricity or the telephone available for her family at that time. She was born in the year of 1900.

Even the Facebook allows the users to sign up for the Facebook account who were born back in 1905 because when you sign up as a new user at the Facebook sign up page, the birth year is starting from the 1905. That means, if you enters a year before the 1905, then you won’t be able to sign up for the Facebook user account.

According to Marlene Stoehr who is the daughter-in-law of Anna Stoehr – The Chief Executive of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had tried to reach her right after when the Facebook delivered an apology for the age restriction.

The Anna Stoehr signed up for the Facebook account when she was 113 years old.

The 113 years old Anna Stoehr (at the time of sign up) got interested in creating the Facebook account because of the friendship with the salesman of Verizon. There was a deal for the iPhone between the Joseph Ramireza (the salesman) and her 85 years old son who talked about her, and then the Joseph Ramireza said that he had to meet up with her.

When there was no option for the one who had born before 1905 and had to make a Facebook account, then the Ramireza asked the Anna Stoehr to write a letter to the Zuckerberg. And she wrote, “I am still her.”

The Flud: Answers To Your Useful Tech Questions!


We have been receiving many tech questions from our users on our social official pages and the online portal and they are asking us what devices are hot under the radar and what devices they should use. We are also getting the tech questions like, how to make the things work and they are asking us about our suggestions and recommendations.

Today, we have decided to answer such tech questions asked most frequently by our readers and we will answer them to the best of our experience and knowledge.

As we know that the people have their hands on the exciting gifts that they have received from their loved ones and many of them are facing some difficulties or the troubles on some tech issues. We have weighed up the questions and have decided to answer the most frequently asked tech questions below.

Hi, I have been there at The Flud regularly and I am here to ask you a question that I have been finding the best answer for and I would like to know that which type of the camera and the computer should I purchase?

Some other questions seeking answers for the questions like:

-Spending a $100 amount for the HDMI cable makes sense or not?

-How much speedy my memory card ought to be?

– If I have an external hard disk, then why it should not be working with the Mac and the Windows computers?

-What should I need to do with my older Smartphone after getting a new Smartphone as a gift?

In our different categories, we had a discussion over the cameras and we talked about the Kodak emerging again in the tech industry and we also discussed on how to digitalize the old photos in our conversation.

Recently, we had the discussion on the Windows 10 and some of its brand new features and we also discussed in detail what you can do with your old Smartphone or the other gadgets if you have got a new Smartphone or the device as a new gift.

All the suggestions and the recommendations were based on our year’s analysis and the responses that the different gadgets have get in the year 2014. We have covered the whole year’s tech developments and performances and based on such facts, we have answered all such questions in shape of the news and reviews from the team “The Flud”.

We wish you a very Happy New Year!

Likely To See A New Web Browser By The Microsoft!

Is there a plan by the Microsoft to launch a new web browser other than their old Internet Explore?

Well, the plan seems like very much into the expectations as the Microsoft is working on a new web browser that they will be launching soon in the future – According to the sources.

Microsoft, until now has been updating the Internet Explorer (IE) regularly, but not crafting a new web browser like the other hot rivals in the industry like the Firefox or the Chrome or even the Safari by the Apple. The last update seen by the Microsoft for the Internet Explorer (IE) was Internet Explorer 11 that they have updated in the last year.

According to the sources – The Microsoft has been planning and working on an entirely brand new edition of the web browser under the Microsoft’s name and it will be the “codenamed Spartan” that will not be going to hit the radar as an upgrade for the Microsoft’s old long running IE.

That means that the users are going to experience an all new experience of a web browser by the Microsoft.

According to the report – The new web browser by the Microsoft will give the users an experience like the other rival browsers Google Chrome and the Firefox. Last year, the only update that has been seen by the Microsoft about the web browser was the update to their old Internet Explorer and that was Internet Explorer 11.

The Microsoft’s Internet Explorer comes with the Microsoft’s Windows OS and all the PC owners know this fact, but as the other alternative browsers like the Firefox, Google Chrome and the Safari browser by the Apple are taking away the IE users by capturing them, the Microsoft has now have to look for the one that can offer them the alike feel and experience.

A research by the Adobe revealed that the Google Chrome outdone the Internet Explorer as most popular web browser in US – According to the report.

Wi-Fi Hotspots Blockage Plan By Marriott: Google Fights Against It!

A growing chorus of the business has been joined by the Google and the Microsoft in opposition of the Marriott’s decision about blocking the guest’s Wi-Fi hotspot in the hotel rooms of the Microsoft.

The Marriott and hotel lobby the American Hospitality and the Lodging Association request the FCC to permit the hotels to deploy the tools that prevent the people from making their phones a Wi-Fi hotspot.

To avoid the costly Wi-Fi charges from the Hotels, the people use to turn on the hotspot of their mobiles to use the mobile carrier’s internet on their laptops and the Marriott hotel has decided to block this thing that is permitting the guests to use their own internet rather than the Hotel’s pricey internet services.

There are the rates for the Internet in the Marriott’s hotel rooms like $14.95/day for the normal speed and by paying the $19.95/day means that you will be getting an enhanced high speed for the internet. You can download the larger files, do video chatting and also watch the large streaming videos by paying the $19.95/day.

While in the petition to FCC, the Marriott hotel and hotel lobby said that the Smartphone and the Mi-Fi devices can be used by the guests in order to launch the attacks against the Wi-Fi networks of the hotel and they can threaten the privacy of the other guests by stealing the personal information or the credit card data.

They also argued that such devices can be crossing point with hotel’s Wi-Fi resulting in slowing speed for the other guests.

According to the Marriott – If we cannot address the activities like that, then the not only we, but the customers will also be suffering.

The most number of the responses that have been received from the Marriott’s blocking policy is says that this is due to the fact that the hotels don’t want to lose the Wi-Fi charges that may become least due to the current Wi-Fi hotspot option that the number of the guests are using in order to eliminate the costs of the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

According to the Google – the public interest would be undermined by blocking the personal Wi-Fi hotspot. So, this is not at all fair and good!