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Anyone Could Be A Musician By The Imogen Heap’s Sci-Fi!

Story highlights:

The Grammy award winner, whose name is Imogen heaps is well known for his fusion of music and technology.

Gloves that are used in are motions tracking sensors and electronics to create sounds. These gloves help in creating the sounds that are hidden deep inside the computer.

With just the movement of her wrist the drum starts beating. The familiar beat of the drum spreads in the studio. But this performance is musical with many turns.

For a start, the “studio” is actually a changed barn deep near the side of the country. The female is playing the “instrument” and her name is Grammy Award-winning musician Imogen Heap. And the drum that she is beating is not in real.

The founder of all the technology that is wearable and the music, Heap is a totally unique octave. She calls them her Mi. Mu gloves. The gloves, that gives the ability creation of entirely new musical composition.

Heap said that she wanted to create something that is directed from the brain and quick to start merely with the hand gesture.

During the visit to media lad, Heap came to know about Elly Jessop who is an engineer and creating her own musical gloves. Heap got many ideas at that time and soon she made her team of music directors, makers, technologists and many more who gave many ideas to her that were helpful in her project.

Five fast years and now a thing that was dreamt by her was changing into reality. Famous for her collection of acoustic sounds, electronics and the technology, she hopes that the gloves will be helpful and give more excitement to fans of her music.

Each glove is having many sensors, buzzers and many buttons that all gives much information back to the system wirelessly by software. It then translates each movement and produces different kinds of sounds.

The engineer of Mi. Mu gloves, whose name is Kelly Snook said that it is having sensors in the fingers that sense the movement and the bending of the fingers, including the thumb as well. Some sensors of the motions like accelerometers, magnetometers etc sense all this. She is the one who is working on these gloves since the time when its concept was introduced to them many years ago.

There is always a relation between both of them but now heap thinks that with these gloves the performance on stage is going to be the best one.

Movement is the main point for her as she is having a body and in that body she is having a mind and in that mind she is having the music, means that there is a sequence in each point.

The gloves are creating excitement among the people and the music makers are quite enthusiastic to get their hands on these gloves. At first the project was a kick start but now later the hackers and the engineers took part in the funding and took genuine interest in it. They work with team by providing them the required information and the feedback from using their own pair of gloves.

Heap said that these pair of gloves has changed the way I use to make music and now I know it will make further progress in the world.

First Impression Of The Speakers; Devialet Phantom!

Investing on the hardware of home theater is kind of wasting, especially when we are talking about the speakers. We are having many options and ranges of speakers to choose and home audio is not the same one as that of Smartphone. You will not be in need of replacing your setup after every two years

In other words you can say that when you spend money into a setup that is not according to your level of perfection then your luck is not working if that thing is out of budget for you. It is not something shocking that many audiophiles and geeks waste huge sums of money on their computer systems. They are investing for their own happiness and they will need more to be happy in the coming years.

In the past the speakers were huge boxes with many cables attached to it. Now that concept of speakers is totally changed. Give a try to Devialet Phantom that is one of the products introduced in the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s not only slim and shiny, its design is totally amazing and after first look, you cannot save yourself from thinking about it again and again.

Because of its appearance the Devialet Phantom has fit among other luxurious designs that we are seeing from many years. The manufacturers like Bang and Olufsen or Panasonic are really excited to get these designs by having a hold on burgeoning designs in the market.

The designs of other companies are really nice but under those design all these speakers are just the same. That’s the point where is standing different from the speakers of other companies and is meeting the requirements of the people.

These speakers are really fascinating and when you get the first look, you want them at once for yourself. Its body is clean and shiny and of the children from 80’s could be really excited to get them and will not miss a chance of having them.

Wherever you put these speakers on a table or a side stand no doubt that point will become the one to take pictures again and again. It’s your choice which model you would like to buy, either the one with silver shiny body or the one with over all white body, you can also choose 3000 watts or the one with 750 watts.

But the body of these rare speakers is just not for show off but it is made for the following functions.

When the music is played by these speakers, the Devalets are quite a sight to have a look. The two circular domes that are on the outer body of the speakers are small woofers and when you increase the volume they bulge out and in from the pitch of volume. If you try to capture a picture when it’s happening you will not be able to click a picture as their speed is more faster than the shutter of a camera.

Like many other high technology setups, these speakers can work on Wi-Fi network made by tiny router that is called Dialog and easily cover the audio. Most of the systems can work easily in your Wi-Fi but the ability of dialog is far more than that level.

Keep Your Range For Samsung Latest Camera!

In your dreams did you ever thought about having a Samsung caliber camera? If are just having a plan to get loan from the bank ,the Samsung camera model NX1 Smart is the most closest you are going to own and somehow i got the luck to have some time to spend with it in the Consumers Electronics Show 2015.

We can say that it is not something that you aim and shoot. In fact it is 28 megapixels, camera without mirror and taking the best pictures as well as almost 4K video recordings can be saved, and still you can easily hang it around your neck. Let’s just think about it for a single second, that a video so perfect that you 1080 HDTV cannot hold its perfection. Now that is something perfect for future technology.

Everything in this camera is made to love it. Starting from its shining auto focus to the easy regular shooting mode that can take 15 pictures almost every second, so there is no chance that our perfect shot is missed.

Both the features are made into existence by the design without mirror and most DSLRs are not able to provide the offer of speed shutter and focus points that are given by the mirror less cameras.

I am also very thankful introduced some time limit in this beautiful device which us dust proof, its body is made up of alloy of magnesium which is made to keep it protected and there is no chance to be damaged but until you do something stupid with it. It also has a strong additional grip that provides you a little extra grip if you are taking picture in an uneasy condition or situation.

It’s quite obvious that if a camera wants the title of being smart then it has to show the characteristics of smartness as well and has to show that particular standard. The NX1 keeps its money where its WiFi is uploaded with Bluetooth and other connectivity’s. There will be no shortage of ways to transfer your pictures to other devices and modern gadgets. It will automatically become a smart device if you will download any kind of game in it.

Impression Of First Look; Custom One Pro Plus Headphones!

After spending time of two years on top list in headphones, the company of Beyer dynamic is aiming to increase their level of perfection by providing the people the thing which they were wishing for. In case of the headphone from Custom One Pro, it shows that the same audio of high quality will be provided with more advanced rating and facilities.

The series of the Custom One Pro gives the answer of their questions and wishes. One complain about the device was that, apart from their changed appearance the material required was hard to get for the people.

The headphones of Pro One sort out the problem by introducing a set with 16 air cup tiles in many different verities. Think about professional gamers rapping their group with the facilitated device and you will come to know in which direction Beyer dynamic is heading with all this.

But the headsets and headphones are not same thing. The requirement of the gamers is not the heaphones, they want headsets for their games. It is also covered by Beyer dynamic as it will come with upgrading option that will turn the pro headphones into a gaming gear for the game lovers. This is one of the new added options in these headsets. The second option is that they are having an in-line controller, which is in the box.

All most all the parts of the headphone can be changed from ear buds to the headset. It means that you will get a pair of headphones you want, not just only the one that you are already having.

One of the problem of wearing these headphones is that, by wearing headset for a long time when you are gaming, put stress on the top part of the head and also if you wear glasses behind your ears. Both these headphones are soft and plushy, not so thick that they cover your face.

The style and shape of the changeable ear cup tiles are different from each other and are made to fit. It is very easy method to change the tiles. You just need to take out four hez screws and then you can change them as u want. This process may take approximately 10 minutes without being in haste. With the help of four sound modes given you can change the sound of the profile.

The thing that it’s lacking is the volume controller. The second option of the microphone is inside the headset and there is also an adjustable microphone that you have to plug in between the cable and headset. Although we cannot tell the quality of the microphone but Beyer dynamic says that the head Gear will change your One Pro into a profession.

The Custom Pros are well known devices so will not waste time in going through their qualities. These gadgets providing all the required facilities combined in one place and meeting the demands of the people.

This updated version of headphones is an awesome thing with many options, comfort and level of quality. These headphones are best choice for the game lovers.

The Pocket Pc Is About To Make Its Return: Ces 2015

(Las Vegas)

The pocket PCs are about to return in the market. Although they are not the forgotten systems in the market but now they are changed for the users into portable windows working stations and for the professional use as well.

A company in Las Angles started “The Hive” and started the introduction of its new Smartphones, which is equal to the size of personal computers and were displayed at the show of the electronics. These pocket devices are completely based on windows setup and thus are equal to the size of mobile. Its thickness is just a bit more thick and rectangular in shape almost 3 by 5.

The pocket PCs will come in different ranges to meet the requirements of the people in different areas and professions. It will boast the power of technology in different fields.

Many portable devices are similar to the desktop PCs that are not having a display but they can be connected with the standard systems display. The Amplicity curved 4K monitors and keyboards are the productions of Hive.

It is also planned that for the connectivity of people, displays of Kiosk will be setup in the gathering areas, malls, cafe etc.

A taste of smart devices and portable system is given to the people with the help of Smartphones but they need more in this field and more productive tools are required. Robb who is the co-founder of the firm says that these PCs can serve the next generation as well by multitasking and can be connected to many other devices.

Amplicity is definitely going to attain some attention because Fujioka and the others that are left behind The Hive have received technology successes on their behalf.

Robb and his fellow co-founder John Hui also are also part of Fuhu that is famous for making tablets especially for children.

John Hui advanced the economical PC movement as the principal founder of eMachines, which back in 1998 made PCs available for less than $400.

The company is discussing a deal with Microsoft from many years related to the windows 10 and windows CE systems. Microsoft office is also included in it. Discussions related to them are going on which is also including the software of productivity from many firms like Adobe and Corel.

Drones Attack, Review Of Ces 2015


The annually technology festival which is also called as Consumer Electronic program got the attention of the people of Las Vegas getting the attention of almost 160,000 and above people and 3500 people who were waiting to have a look on discovery of technology, not this year but may be in the years ahead.

The consumer electronics industry is working on a project to attain $211.3 billion in the previous year, up 2% from 2013 according to the consumer electronic program.

CES highlights of US news:

According to FAA drones are the devices which are made of metal rods and can be just used personally. But is not stopping the photographers and property dealers from using these devices.

According to Richard Doherty who is an analyst said “hundreds of drones will be seen at CES”

The technology system that’s similar to the one that is being used in advanced Smartphones — small size chips and sensors — are used in drones to make the easy to use, more cheap in rates and easy to use. Getting all the criticism of the world is not easy and simple thing. Drones are the flying gadgets and we have to learn its use before actually using it.

But according to the manufacturers point of view these new drones are easy to use. Xiong who watch the surfers, skating groups and even the people who are skiers that they are keeping their drones with then when they are enjoying sports.

Most of the Drones work by connecting with a tiny GoPro camera which liked by a number of people who are sports lover. According to Doherty he hopes that GoPro and CES will be together and they will soon come their own one drone that will be having built in camera and he said that GoPro will become the top list drone in 3 months.

Smart Lock: The Digital Security Modules To Thorough Away Your Old Keys!


An innovative door lock powered by the apps can move the smart home lock into a mainstream.

The innovation of the Yves Behar (industrial designer) and the Jason Johnson (tech veteran), the Smart Lock is the keyless lock system that is powered by the mobile app. The smart device costs you the $249 and it promises that you won’t be finding your lost keys once you have decided to buy this smart lock.

The Smart Lock has arrived in the market and it is competing with the many other internet connected devices for the home use from the security systems like the Dropcam to the products like Nest connected thermostat in the market.

In the Las Vegas, there will be a Consumer Electronics Show soon and the products and their potentials in the creation of “the connected home” are likely to be the theme of this show in the Las Vegas.

The Behar is recognized for the tech devices designing like new logo of the PayPal and the Jawbone fitness band and the Johnson of the entrepreneur club of Founder’s Den were looking for a new way to offer the home owners a new way to secure their homes.

According to the co-founder and CEO, Johnson – we were looking to fabricate something innovative that could be simple enough for the users in order to buy it and take it with tem to their homes and can easily install it without the help of anyone else.

The Smart Lock can easily be installed by the users to their homes because you will only need to fix the two screws those can be easily be found as they are being used for 85-90 percent of the all deadbolts in U.S.

The Smart Lock is not the only one or the first in the markets. Such kind of the internet powered locks are already being offered by the other companies manufacturing the security gadgets like the Kwikset and the Schlage.

There was also a prior award winning security system by the Shark Tank named as “Kwikset Kevo.” The system functions like the August Smart Lock that is controlled by the phone’s Bluetooth.

Interestingly, the installation of the Smart Lock doesn’t requires any expert and even a normal user can easily buy it and get it installed in his home for the security concern quite easily and quickly. You can easily replace the existing lock turn by keeping intact the actual mechanism of the lock and replace it with the two screws easily.

There is also an aspect for the social networking in the Smart Lock. There is a guestbook function available in the Smart Lock that will permit the host to leave a photo or the message for the visitors when they are arriving at the host’s door. The guests could also return favor by recording his comment with the help of the app.

There is the encryption technology used by the Smart Lock that is most commonly used by the banks.

Top Downloads For The Windows Phones In 2014!

For a windows phone user, it is like standing alone in the cold in the race of Smartphone when there are the Apple and the Android operating systems available in the market that the users are using. Without any doubt, the Android and the Apple have captured the most number of shares in the market for the Smartphones and more people tend to go for the Android or the Apple Smartphone.

But, what if you are a Windows user? You don’t need to be in a state of sadness because; you can still install a number of useful and entertaining apps in order to enjoy your Windows phone. For the Windows Phones, there are now at least 350,000 interesting apps available and you can browse and install the picks to enjoy them.

Let’s discuss a few interesting and top downloads for the Windows Phones in 2014!

  1. Xim

The Windows app that has been installed in most numbers throughout the years by the Windows users is Xim. You can use this great photo capturing and sharing app by installing it on your Windows Phone today. You can install the Xim app and share your precious moments with your friends and loved ones on their devices and you will be capable of sharing your memories from the Smartphone, social media account like the Instagram or Facebook or from the cloud account as well.

  1. Here Drive+

It was originally an app that was launched in the year 2013, but the app got the significant updates over the last year. The app now offers you the turn by turn (voice guided) navigation in at least 88 languages and over 129 countries. If you don’t wish to download the map, you can even see the real time traffic details from this app and also you can benefit from the right arrival times, the speed limits information and there is also a great new feature that will help you to search your parked vehicle.

  1. Fitbit

The application might be considered and seen as a late arrival, but the app has really got the features and the offerings that a Windows Phone user will fall in love if he wants to have a wireless fitness tracker along with him in his pocket. The app is just a real great tool for the ones who wish to have a real time wireless fitness tracker. So, the app can be installed by the Windows Phone lovers today.

  1. Flipboard

A digital platform that can work like your tailored social magazine! You can simply tap and select the categories or the topics that you like the most and you want to get updated about the things in order to stay updated by them. Like, you can tap for the tech, health, music, travel and news etc and after that, you will get the regular updates about them on the app. The updates that you will get will be coming through the top and the most authentic websites. So, the app is just a great fun.

The Top 3 Interesting Gadgets Of This Week!

Gadgets! We see so many gadgets around and most of the time we try to get the best gadgets to use them for the entertainment and also for the general use. There are many latest gadgets around those have hit the market this year, but let’s discus a few interesting gadgets of the 2014!

Babolat Play Pure Drive tennis racket

Available at $299

By shapes, it does look like a regular tennis racket. But in fact, it has got something more to offer!

Well, this gadget can record the information about the swing of the racket with the help of its sensors those are hidden in the handle. So, you can now record the important information about your tennis racket swing and the Babolat Play Pure Drive has got the strength to do it for you. You can know your power, where you are beating the ball, number of the forehands, serves, backhand and the smashes with the help of a mobile application. This useful and entertaining gadget is available at the $299.


Available at $325

You can paint the night scene with the light by putting your camera on Pixelstick’s long exposure mode. There are 200 LEDs in the aluminum stick that is long. This gadget can be programmed in order to the images you desire. You can take the shot and someone can move the stick. This gadget has got the stunning results and it is available at $325.


Available at $99

You already have the speakers? And you don’t need to shell out for the new wireless speakers? Well, this gadget is just for you. You can plug this gadget into your existing speakers and it can be connected by the WiFi to the Smartphone. It works with the Spotify or the Pandora only right now but the beep says that there will be more applications those are coming shortly. This gadget is available at the $99

SmartThings Starter Kit

Available at $321

If you want to connect your home appliances, the lights, and the windows with your phone, then it doesn’t require you to buy the all new things. This g

Eat gadget (SmartThings Starter Kit) have a motion sensor, Wi-Fi connected hub, location sensor, an open/closed sensor and the connected plug. It is a great tool to secure your home digitally although; you can look for the more as well. The gadget is available at $321.

Ideas For The Tech Gift Lovers To Please Their Loved Ones This Christmas!

Well, the Christmas night is approaching too fast and there are only a few days left. People, who want to please their loved ones by the Tech gifts, are looking for the best tech gifts on this Christmas. Everyone is looking to finish of the shopping quickly to grab the best gadgets and the tech gifts for their loved ones.

There are many things that you can buy and there will be a lot of persons you will need to please this Christmas!

If you can blast your favorite music wirelessly, then there should not be anything else as pleasant as that. You can play from the streaming collection or your own collection quite easily.

So, for all the tech gift lovers, here are a few tech gifts ideas and suggestions that you can consider to please your loved ones this Christmas by presenting them the best tech gifts.

 The Mini Jambox!

Available at $180

Well, the Mini Jambox is a great choice to present as the Christmas gift to the tech lovers! Well, this tech gift is really a sensation for all the tech lovers and especially for the music lovers. Well, for all the doers and the goers who wish to bring the music anyplace they walk off, this beautiful tech gift is a perfect thing. Regardless of its size, this thing can offer you the sound that will be enough to rock even a massive space. This box ma look small, but it is mighty enough to cover the large space by its sounds so you do not need to worry about its size at all. The size is smaller, but the sound will not. This beautiful tech gift is available at $180 this Christmas.

Braven BRV-1

Available at $100

Well, this is a real beast! It can handle the music like a rock and it is strong, water resistant and it is built specially in order to absorb the shock. So, you can jump, you can roll and you can throw like the action-sports fanatics. To handle the acrobatics, this speaker has got the strength that makes it the tough enough. This is available with the price tag of $100 this Christmas.

The Beoplay A2

Available at $400

Well, this is a splurge! This beautiful tech piece is definitely the one thing that you can present to your loved ones this Christmas to please them. From the brand, this is the first ever portable speaker and it is designed to offer you the best wireless music experience with the high quality sound. It has got a sleek design that is really eye catching. Its ability to sound from the both sides makes it an impeccable thing tech gif for all the tech lovers. This is available with the $400 price tag.

This Christmas, you can add a wireless speaker to the gift list in order to wish your tech lover loved ones on this Christmas. It’s up to you to decide in which color to buy the one because all of them are available in different colors and different shapes.