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Auto Insurances May Be Sold By Google In Usa!

In San Francisco, Google will be introducing a debut, the shopping site of auto insurance in US. From this insurance company the policies will be sold to the people according to the analysts of the industrial insurance.

The internet giant was running an insurance company and the shopping website in England that is known as the Google Compare since the last 2 years.

An analyst whose name is Ellen Carney said in a blog post that the Google Compare is having the license, so that it can sale the insurances in 26 different countries and it is also having the authority to sell the policies in at least one state.

She also writes insurances for the Forrester research so that it can be observed that which country had given license to Google so that it can sale the insurances. She told that, “the launch of it was delayed due to some reasons.”

Even the insurers were pointing out the overtures of Google to take part on the site of comparison for almost more than 2 years now. The launch of the site of USA Google Comparing is getting delayed, it was hopefully going to be introduced in California and after that it was going to be launched in Illinois, next in line was Pennsylvania and then Texas. But due to some reasons it was delayed till Q1.

She also unrevealed that the executive of Google whose name is Meredith Stechbart just got the permit to sale the insurances through the Google Compare and can also sell on the website of insurance in San Francisco by the name of Cover Hound.

According to a new report Google is not commenting on this entire situation but it is going to be a big chance for US when they started selling insurances by Google.

Google News Should Be Back – Spanish Newspapers!

The Internet seems like the delicate tropical forest network. If the one player is removed, then the rest of the players will also suffer and die. Well actually that happened in the Spain. This week, a crack down on the Google was observed by the government of the Spain. The reason of that was to tell the Google to pay to the news providers of the Spain every time whenever the content from the Google appears on the news site.

As a result, the Google, who is the search giant will put the brakes on the Google News there in Spain. That means, that the Google is going to shut down the Google News and there will be no content available on the major newspapers of the country including the La Vanguardia and El Pais also.

This is a serious concern for all the news providers in the country as they are going to miss out the search giant’s Google News from now on. But, that happened just in the response of the Spanish government’s new policies about the Google News and the Google doesn’t like that at all.

Well, this is a real bad news! While the newspapers have claimed that they can stay alive in this Internet age without seeking any support from outside, this is entirely wrong. Because the most of the news traffic always comes from the search, so it can be imagined how important it is that the Google News must stay alive there.

The Spanish newspapers depend heavily on the Google for the traffic and the visitor count and if it is not there, then you can imagine the situation. It will not be good at all.

The Spanish reports have been received that says that the Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association is asking for the mercy now.

According to the statement of the Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association, “The Google News was not the end of the service provided by its leading market position” and be aware of the Google’s decision about it: “It will without any doubt effect the Spanish businesses and the people and leave a negative impact”.

According to the Google:

The new policy demands every single Spanish publication to charge the services like the Google News in order to show even the little parts from their publications, either they want or they simply don’t. We don’t show any kind of advertisement on the site and the Google News itself don’t makes any money. So, his new policy is just not sustainable. So, sadly, the Google News will no more be available in the Spain and just before the new legislation comes into the effect, the Google will remove the Spanish publishers from the Google News.

So, it is a real concern for the Spanish newspapers as this new law from the Spanish government is going to take effect after the 16 December and the Google is going to remove the Google News in response to that.

Wi-Fi Hotspots Blockage Plan By Marriott: Google Fights Against It!

A growing chorus of the business has been joined by the Google and the Microsoft in opposition of the Marriott’s decision about blocking the guest’s Wi-Fi hotspot in the hotel rooms of the Microsoft.

The Marriott and hotel lobby the American Hospitality and the Lodging Association request the FCC to permit the hotels to deploy the tools that prevent the people from making their phones a Wi-Fi hotspot.

To avoid the costly Wi-Fi charges from the Hotels, the people use to turn on the hotspot of their mobiles to use the mobile carrier’s internet on their laptops and the Marriott hotel has decided to block this thing that is permitting the guests to use their own internet rather than the Hotel’s pricey internet services.

There are the rates for the Internet in the Marriott’s hotel rooms like $14.95/day for the normal speed and by paying the $19.95/day means that you will be getting an enhanced high speed for the internet. You can download the larger files, do video chatting and also watch the large streaming videos by paying the $19.95/day.

While in the petition to FCC, the Marriott hotel and hotel lobby said that the Smartphone and the Mi-Fi devices can be used by the guests in order to launch the attacks against the Wi-Fi networks of the hotel and they can threaten the privacy of the other guests by stealing the personal information or the credit card data.

They also argued that such devices can be crossing point with hotel’s Wi-Fi resulting in slowing speed for the other guests.

According to the Marriott – If we cannot address the activities like that, then the not only we, but the customers will also be suffering.

The most number of the responses that have been received from the Marriott’s blocking policy is says that this is due to the fact that the hotels don’t want to lose the Wi-Fi charges that may become least due to the current Wi-Fi hotspot option that the number of the guests are using in order to eliminate the costs of the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

According to the Google – the public interest would be undermined by blocking the personal Wi-Fi hotspot. So, this is not at all fair and good!

New Filter By The Google To Keep The Robots Away!

Often we read and answer the distorted text while browsing a site or while going to download something or even creating an email ID. So, the distorted text is just to recognize whether you are a human or you are a robot in order to stop the spamming activity. Many times we see a message “Are you a Human?” and right after you are asked to enter a distorted text for the verification. Sometimes that seems very irritating.

So, there is good news for all those who hates this kind of the distorted text check by the Google and thinks that there must be something else or a new kind of security measure rather than this distorted text. The news is that Google is cutting down the blurry numbers & letters combination that was till now used to keep the robots away.

The question may be why? Well, the robots are now starting to figure out the blurry numbers and the characters and that is not a secure way to keep the robots away anymore. According to the Google, the robots are now able to figure out the distorted text even at the 99.8 percent accuracy and that is much to worry about.

Now, whenever you will be buying something from now on, you won’t be seeing that old distorted text in the box because it is no more used by the Google as the security check to keep the robots away. The filter, that is known as the “Captcha” is no more be available as the filter that was irritating for so many people.

From now on, to prove that you are a human, not a robot, you will see a text that will be like, “I’m not a robot” and you will need to check that box rather than writing the old distorted text filter to prove that you are a human.

Vineay Shet, who is the product manager at the Google recaptcha sad that in a blog post.

The advanced analyses are used by this new interface in order to spot the robots – Vineay Shet said.

The activity of the user will be monitored before; during and after the user have checked the box in order to prove that I am not a robot, rather a human.

According to the Vineay Shet, “as a human, we will continue to work in order to keep the internet safe and easy to use while, for the scripts and the abusive bots, it will only get more worse”.

But unfortunately, the new system is still not totally the fool proof. If the new technology is still not capable to make sure that the user is not a human, then it will definitely look for the more hints by offering more “security checkpoints” even including the distorted text.

As far as the early results are concerned, the WordPress, Snapchat and the Humble Bundle who are the early adopters have got the good results those are encouraging so far.

Play Store: Google Has Expended The Refund Time For The Apps!

Good news for all Android users! Google has decided to extend the refund time for all the paid apps available at the Google Play Store. That means that the users are now permitted to change their mind after buying an app at the Google Play Store for relatively longer period of time after their purchase.

The change has been made and the users were allowed to make up their mind within 2 hours of the purchase time, whether they are going to use the app or they are going to get it refunded. The refund time was only 15 minutes before the new change and after the new change, the Android users are much happier because now they will have the time to test the app properly.

A new option “Refund” can now be found next to the “Open” button after you buy and installed the app on your Android phone or tablet. The “Refund” option will be made visible to the users up to the next 120 minutes from the time of purchase.

After this new development by the Google, the users will now be able to test the app to check whether it is good enough or not to fulfill their requirements.

This is just a great development made for the Android users by the Google and now, after buying and installing the app, if the app is not fulfilling the user expectations or not up to the standards, then the users can just cancel the purchase.

After the period of 2 hours from the purchase time, the “Refund” option will be replaced by “Uninstall” option. So, the user has to use the “Refund” option within 120 minutes of the purchase in order to get it refunded.

An intelligent system has been implemented by the Google as a measure of protection against such users who will like to abuse this function. Like, there will be some users who will buy it and refund it again and again before the 120 minutes of purchase to use it again and again for free.

Google has made a restriction to guard against such users and that is, when someone will buy and install an app and he have refunded it before 120 minutes of the purchase, then he won’t be able to see the “Refund” option next time whenever he will buy the same app. This seems quite a good restriction and it will definitely bring positive results. However, there may still be some users who will buy apps to use them just for 120 minutes or less.

Right now, the Google Play Store is the only mobile platform from where users are allowed to purchase and refund the apps or the content by an automated system. The App Store and the Windows Store also offer a refund option but to refund the content, the users have to get in touch with the customer services department.

In addition, the free apps, including paid content are not listed as the “Free” on the Play Store anymore and they can be installed with just a single click on the “Install” button.

Google Expandes The Refund Time For Applications From Play Store

Google came with some good news for Android users who buy application from the Play Store and then change their mind about the purchase shortly after. The refund time was only 15 minutes and users didn’t had time to decide wheather they wanted the application or not. That is why the company decided to extend the period up to 2hours.

Now, after buying an application, next to the “Open” button you can find the “ Refund” option which lasts 120 minutes from the moment of purchase. Now there is plenty of time to start the application in order to ensure that it fulfills its functions and responds to your needs.

If the conditions are not fulfilled you can return the application and Google will pay you the exact amount of money you did. When the 2 hours pass, the button “Refund” is replaced with “ Uninstall”.

There is, however, a protection measure against those who want to abuse this function. For those who want to buy and return an application over and over again in order to use it for free, Google has implemented and intelligent system.

If you return an application and then you want to make the purchase again, the Refund function is no longer available. This is valid only once, when the application is first attached to the account.

Currently, Google Play’s store is the only mobile application which offers the possibility of returning the content using an automated system. To return the applications from the AppStore and Windows Store you have to get in tough with the customer service department.

Moreover, free applications that include payed content are no longer listed as “ Free” on Play Store and can be installed with just one click on the “ Install” button.

Surprinsing Announcement From Google: What Are Americans Doing With Chromebook

Google came up with a very creative marketing strategy. They borrowed American student Chromebook laptops for several days without asking for any money.

Google for Education Organisation announced that American students will be able to use Chromebook laptops for a few days in special centers built for this purpose in some universities.

At least 12 universities will participate in this program and it will be expanded in case it will be successful in the initial phase. The process is just like borrowing a book from the library of the faculty. The American students have the obligation to return the laptop on time.

The students will be able to use the laptops anywhere they want, either in classrooms or in their own rooms.

Google’s strategy is to promote the product, so that it will have many buyers. In addition, the information student search are stored on the cloud platform and they can even change the borrowed laptops.

Another interesting thing brought by Google are the first Android applications for Chromebook and some new models that will be launched soon.

A big advantage of Chromebook is the low price and the information storage in cloud. This way the information is never lost, even in the event of major malfunctions.

Google Gives Up Charging A Communications Service

Google allows, starting September 11, mobile devices to use Hangouts application for video calls and online for free or cheaper. They are following the Skype method. “

Hangouts already allows sending a quick message and also allows starting a video group conversation” explained one of Google Group’s directors, Amit Fulay, in a nothe published on the company’s blog.

He also said “ sometimes it’s better to simply call ( a person) and say “ I love you”. With the new version of Hangouts this is now possible.

Google merged the abilities of their online calling service named Google Voice with its messenger application named Hangouts. Hangouts has great success on Google+ and it allows especially group video conversations.

Calls between Hangouts users will be free of charge as the calls made in the United States and Canada, says Amit Fulay. He also mentioned that international calls will be cheaper.

Calls made via Hangouts will be available on mobile devices that work with Android ( developed by Google) and IOS ( developed by Apple).

Visit All The Greatest Treasures Of Egypt From Your Home With Google Street View

Now you can visit the Pyramids, The Sfinx and other Egyptian treasures from the confort of your own home using Google Street View.

Google announced on Wednesday the launch of panoramic views from Ancient Egypt through Strees View service. All internet users can take virtual tours of Egypt and they can feel just like any other normal Egyptian.

Through Street View service,Googel managed to bring to life anyones imagination. Internet users can travel virtually through the amazing historical sites of this ancient civilization. Google’s representatives mentioned that anyone with a crush on history can benefit from this new possibility.

Since this Wednesday, internet users can travel through Giza’s pyramids, Saqquara, fort Qaitbay, Cairo, The Suspended Church, the ancient city of Abu Mena.

By offering Street View images from Egypt for example, Google bring historical sites and cities to an international audience in order to create the most comprehensive, accurate and easy to use map.

This project is part of Google’s initiative to create a digital mirror of the real world and to give users a realistic and immersive experience on the internet.

The Trekker device debuted last year, when it was used to photograph the Grand Canyion. After that the device was used on boats and mountain paths and in order to provide spectacular images of places like Galapagos Islands and Venice.

Now, the Street View service covers over 3000 cities worldwide and more than 50 countries, as well as a small part of Antartica. At the beginning if the project, in 2007, there were over eight million kilometers of roads present in Street.

Google Cultural Institute has over 300 partners in 53 countries and 80 museums that can be visited through Street View service.

“ The Right ToBbe forgotten”- Google Has Started A Tour Of Meetings Al EU Level

The American company launched on Tuesday a European tour of public meetings about the “ right to be forgotten” and about removal of links at specific requests. This tour comes after The European Court of Justice took its controversial decision this May.

Representatives of Google, which, at European level, receive about 1000 requests daily to remove some links from searches, said that, through these discussions they will find a balance between the people’s right to be forgotten and people’s right to be informed.

Committee of ten experts must hear arguments from people and organizations. These individual and organizations will be selected from the website speccialy created for this initiative :

The tour initiated by Google started Tuesday in Madrid. Consultations will take place in Rome ( Wednesday), Paris ( 25 September), Warsaw ( September 30), Berlin ( October 14), London ( October 16) and Brussels ( November 4), according to the website dedicated to this string of events.

The Committee of experts is formed of: Luciano Floridi, Professor of philosophy and ethics at Oxford University, Sylvie Kauffmann, the editorial director of Le Monde, Lidia Kolucka-Zuk, Executive Director of the Trust of Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, Frank La Rue, a specialist in human rights, Jose-Luis Pinar, PhD in law, Sabine Leutheusser- Schnarrenberger, a german member of Parliament and former Minister of Justice in this country, Peggy Valcke, Professor at University of Leuven in Belgium, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Eric Schmidt, Chief Executive of Google and David. Drummond who joined Google in 2002 , responsible for the development of the company and with legal issues.

Google representatives announced that they had received more than 91000 removal requests for 328000 links after The European Court of Justice took its decision. Google answered to over 45000 requests.

Google has published an online form that can be accesed by any person who wants to remove certain results from the search engine.

Google said that not all these links will be deleted but all requests will be analized and after that a decision will be taken.