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Likely To See A New Web Browser By The Microsoft!

Is there a plan by the Microsoft to launch a new web browser other than their old Internet Explore?

Well, the plan seems like very much into the expectations as the Microsoft is working on a new web browser that they will be launching soon in the future – According to the sources.

Microsoft, until now has been updating the Internet Explorer (IE) regularly, but not crafting a new web browser like the other hot rivals in the industry like the Firefox or the Chrome or even the Safari by the Apple. The last update seen by the Microsoft for the Internet Explorer (IE) was Internet Explorer 11 that they have updated in the last year.

According to the sources – The Microsoft has been planning and working on an entirely brand new edition of the web browser under the Microsoft’s name and it will be the “codenamed Spartan” that will not be going to hit the radar as an upgrade for the Microsoft’s old long running IE.

That means that the users are going to experience an all new experience of a web browser by the Microsoft.

According to the report – The new web browser by the Microsoft will give the users an experience like the other rival browsers Google Chrome and the Firefox. Last year, the only update that has been seen by the Microsoft about the web browser was the update to their old Internet Explorer and that was Internet Explorer 11.

The Microsoft’s Internet Explorer comes with the Microsoft’s Windows OS and all the PC owners know this fact, but as the other alternative browsers like the Firefox, Google Chrome and the Safari browser by the Apple are taking away the IE users by capturing them, the Microsoft has now have to look for the one that can offer them the alike feel and experience.

A research by the Adobe revealed that the Google Chrome outdone the Internet Explorer as most popular web browser in US – According to the report.

The Windows 10: 2015 And The Microsoft!

The one big news for the Windows users in 2015 is the arrival of the new version of the Microsoft Windows in the upcoming year that will be called as the “Microsoft Windows 10”.

According to the news, the Windows 10 is about to be launched in the upcoming year and it will be the next Windows version from the company that the company will launch in the 2015 for the Windows users.

It is expected that the Windows 10 will be available for the businesses and the consumers in the fall and they can be able to replace their PC’s with this new Windows version in the fall. It’s a definite big story that will surround the Microsoft in the year 2015.

According to the few statements by the Microsoft till now, the new rollout of the Windows will have the great things to offer for the consumers. But, it doesn’t means that it will not be the cup of tea for the businesses and it is anticipated as a perfect match for both type of the users as it is coming after resolving and working on different earlier drawbacks.

According to the news, the new version of the Windows (Windows 10) will be just great to support not only the traditional PC’s, but it will also be a perfect match for many other devices including the tablets and the mobiles also.

That means that the new version will definitely be a great platform for the likes of the Xbox, the products relevant to the hone automation and internet and also for the enterprise servers. The new version of the windows will fit for the even 5-inch display, 85-inch display and even it can be used for the devices that don’t have the display as well.

The tech companies are definitely relying on the optimized networking speeds also, in the wireless and wired area. The Google Fiber is being expended by the Google the a variety of markets where they are promising the gigabit speeds for the Internet that is like 100 times more than the regular broadband speed that lets you in the theory downloading the HD movies in just a blink.

If we talk about the mobile operators, then wireless mobile carrier are now expending the services to the faster flavors of the LTE networks. Well, the entire thing is quite confusing and the every single carrier is doing it with the different approach.

We will have to wait and see what new flavors the Windows 10 will come up with and optimized things it will offer to the internet users as well.

The Privacy Case! A Number Of Media And Tech Companies Are Backing Up The Microsoft

According to the reports, A good number of organizations including the media, technology and the others have been backing up the Microsoft for standing against the Microsoft’s stand against the United States in which the Microsoft is standing against the United States for seizing the emails of a customer stored in the Ireland.

The Microsoft has filed a case against the United States in which they have challenged the United States for seizing the emails of a customer stored in the Ireland.

The different organizations who are backing up the Microsoft by filing the supporting briefs in Microsoft case includes Amazon, Fox News, Apple, The Washington Post, CNN, National Public Radio and many other media and technology companies.

A range of the advocacy groups and trade associations among the American Civil Liberties Union to United States Chamber of Commerce along with other 35 scientists of the computer have also signed the briefs in case that is considered in the city of New York by U.S Court of Appeals for second circuit.

“This is rear when you see a breadth and the depth of the legal involvement we have been watching now for the case that is under the Supreme Court – The statement was made by the Bradford L. Smith who is the general counsel of the Microsoft and he said that while having an interview.

According to the reports, the case is based on the Microsoft’s decision in order to challenge the domestic search warrant that seeks the emails stored in the data center of the Microsoft in the Dublin. According to the Microsoft’s arguments, this search warrant can offer a dangerous model that is before now leading to the privacy matters among the customers.

As per the Microsoft’s statement, “The case is more significant to such customers those wants to conduct more of their electronic business in cloud.

A warning has been received from the Microsoft in which they said that the foreign government can use the adverse ruling in that case in order to skirt the international laws and reach into the data centers those are outside to the borders in order to gain the personal exchanges of one American Journalist.

The, Hewlett-Packard, eBay and the Verizon have given the warnings in their brief that a ruling against the Microsoft can hurt their business outside the U.S in terms of increasing the suspicions that the data can easily be accessed by the U.S government.

This thing will expose the American businesses to the legal threats in the other countries and it can really damage the American businesses economy. They also said that it will also damage the international agreements and it will definitely weaken the international cooperation.

The Microsoft was unable to win the case that they put against the judge’s decision that allowed the search. The decision by the latest appeal against it from the Microsoft is not expected until this fall or summers.

The Reason Behind The Apple’s Support In The Court For Microsoft!

Are your private emails being out of the reach of the United States government? Well, the Microsoft believes that they are familiar with the answer of this question now and they are actually in the court now to fight in order to prove the point.

This Monday, in a press meeting held in the New York, the Microsoft put down their case that why they are saying no to obey the federal subpoena and the search warrant of the emails of the customers’.

There are 18 tech rivals along with the Apple and the 16 other media organizations who have said that they are going to file the court briefs in the support of the Microsoft’s position. That means that they are supporting the Microsoft on this issue.

The reason for the Microsoft’s argument is based on the facts that the data stored overseas does not subjects to the United States law enforcement. There is a legal channel that is recognized as the “Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty” and if anyone wants to get information on something, then it must be going through that legal channel.

For instance, just for the reason that the Hilton is an organization that is situated in the US, the United States government cannot search the Hilton hotel room in the UK. The items stored in that room must be covered by the laws of United Kingdom. Said by the Ed Lazowska, who is a professor of computer science at the University of Washington in the briefing.

But, the Microsoft’s argument was rejected by the federal trial judge in the August. According to the judge, “As the emails can be immediately relocated to the US by just a single click, the search will in fact happen here”. The decision of the judge was appealed by the Microsoft.

So, that is what has been happening in the court on the issue and the Apple is currently supporting the Microsoft in the court along with 18 other tech rivals and the 16 media organizations.

Microsoft: About To Drop Nokia And Other Windows Phone Brands!

According to the reports, the Microsoft is about to drop the Nokia and the other Windows Phone Brands from its marketing material, probably in the phone’s upcoming holiday campaigns. An internal document was received to the website GeeksOnGadgets and that internal document was later confirmed by The Verge that it is an authentic one. According to that internal document, the Microsoft is all set to drop the manufacturer name, Nokia in the company’s Holiday campaigns.

It’s not a surprise to hear that Microsoft is dropping the Nokia and other Windows Phone brands because it was a clear indication in September 2013, when Microsoft acquired the Finish Company for $7.2 billion. And this should also not be surprising for those viewers and users who have seen the latest company commercials for its new phones. This can be perceived as the company’s new strategy and it must not be surprising for anybody.

If you have seen the new commercial for the Lumia 930, then you has must noticed it that there were no mentions of Windows Phone. Even the Window Phone was not mentioned in the company’s new promotional videos apart from the Cortana 30 second ads where the Windows Phone was present only in a small URL that was in the last part of that video.

This new move from the Microsoft looks like a new plan to offer a new operating system. The company has been obliged to take decision on branding an OS that can run on both the phones and the tablets at the same time as it’s gearing up to unite its Windows Phone OS with the Windows RT. The competitors like the Android and Apple already have the operating system that can be run both on tablets and mobiles.

As we know that the Microsoft has the phones that run on the Windows OS, For PCs and tablets, they use windows 8.1 and they use Windows RT for the tablets. It confuses the consumers sometimes and the Microsoft has perhaps realized the fact that there should be a single OS that can be run on all the Microsoft devices.

As the software company is gearing up to release the Windows Threshold (which will debut as the Windows 9), then we can guess for the Microsoft’s new plan. According to a report, the upcoming Windows release will bring regular updates rather than coming up with the big successors. The main target of the Microsoft is perhaps to get the things simpler and to simplify its brand. According to the news, it is also expected that the upcoming release will just be called as “Windows” rather than Windows 9.

The Microsoft has not yet announced anything officially about its rebranding efforts. But, the spokesman of the company said, “Nothing to share” when he was asked about dropping the Nokia brand and the Windows phone brands. But, the planning and the vision of the Microsoft are quite clear, and that is to “drop the Nokia and other Windows Phone brands”.

The Risk of Acquiring Game Companies – Read this, Microsoft

Choosing to buy a game company comes with a lot of risks and it is important to heed them because if they are ignored, efforts and money would be wasted. Microsoft has been silent about the reports going around the web that it’s planning to buy Mojang, the company behind Minecraft but people who are familiar with the matter have shared some information and according to them, the deal, which the company is reportedly announcing this week, would cost $2.5 billion.

Minecraft is a very successful and popular game and it has a lot of fans but these fans are probably the ones who have already moved on to a new popular game. For $2.5 billion and no guarantee that the company will be able to produce another hit game, Microsoft must have a brilliant and logical explanation for this supposed acquisition.

What’s popular today might not be enjoying the same spotlight tomorrow, just like other blockbusters had been.

Take King and Zynga, for example. Both companies have had its fair share of runaway success with Candy Crush Saga and Farmville, respectively. However, both have also slid down hard since their stint at the top. From a $10 IPO, Zynga’s share price is now $2.92 while King’s $22.50 share price debut has now sank to $13.19.

Rovio was also introduced to success because of Angry Birds. But gamers’ interest was not really able to last longer as new exciting games are being released every day. Its profit was down 52 percent last year. The company is continuing to struggle financially that its CEO is stepping down before the year ends. Imagine if someone had bought Rovio during its peak – he would have made the worst decision in his life.

Clash of Clans is another successful game that made its maker, Supercell, $272 million richer. But since that astonishing number, the game has steadily slid down the charts. While Clash of Clans, alongside Candy Crush Saga, still tops the top grossing charts, its profit is a sign that it won’t be there for long now.

Minecraft may be a less risky purchase since it has features that you won’t find in other hit games. It can also potentially grow if the company decides to make it a bigger multiplayer game and incorporate more features to keep its players interested longer.

However, like in so many hit games, it’s very hard for a game to maintain its spot at the top. Eventually, the players would get bored and start to look for something new – something that their current favorite game does not have.

Minecraft is already available on Microsoft’s Xbox but so it is on Apple and Google. The game’s cross-platform capability has helped the game become a phenomenon success, so unless Microsoft managed to remove it from other platforms, Minecraft will continue to make money for Microsoft’s rivals.

Microsoft may have something up in its sleeve for acquiring Mojang, like an edition exclusively for Xbox that could generate more sales. But that won’t change the fact that gamers will eventually get bored and will crave for something new – that’s how it is when it comes to hit games.

Cool Games To Play In Microsoft Excel

Sometimes, it can get tiring, if not boring, from looking at numbers on Excel every day at work. Perhaps you spend the hours at the office waiting for the day to end because you’re always stuck crunching numbers on Microsoft’s spreadsheets. The good news is Microsoft Excel is not only for data analyzing work anymore. To make your hours at work more fun and endurable, why don’t you turn Excel into a cool game?

Don’t be surprised – the tech company is known for keeping a few tricks up on its sleeve, including Excel, and many people who found out about these secrets decided to create new games and even recreate old ones.

Candy Number Crunch Saga

This game is dedicated to all Candy Crush Saga fanatics. If you love’s popular delicious-looking game, the Candy Number Crunch Saga is probably the break you need from crushing candies and if you ever get stuck in a difficult level. The Excel version gives the players a peek into the successful world of IPO (’s) and you’re task is to “invest wisely” with news events available that affect stock price in reality.


By now, you’ve probably heard of this popular addicting game which can be participating in Excel format. The game’s goal is to get to the sum of 2048 by merging two tiles that will equal to the importance of the two numbers in them. The Excel format will help you analyze strategies by tracking your moves. The game can be played in Excel 2007 or later and you can play it with or without internet. If you don’t want anyone to see you playing at work, a version was created to “camouflage” the game as financial announcements.


The popular board game can now also be played in Excel. Andrew Werner came up with the Monopoly simulator while playing with his partner and a friend. In just 14 hours, the Excel edition was created and can be played by up to 4 players. In 2011, the game was updated and now has the choice to select computer or human players.

Writer’s Block

This game is not yet available for Excel but it was entirely built in Excel. The creator, Kevin Lyman, describes the game as “Scrabble meets Battleship.” At present, Lyman is making the game available for mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in the next couple of months. The Excel version will also be available when the mobile versions are.


Cary Walkin, the same person who created Candy Number Crunch Saga, also designed this role-playing game. The game was released last March after five months of developing it. The game has thousands of potential enemies, a thousand of item combinations, 31 spells, and a storyline that has four different endings.

These games are the best games to be played whenever you want to take a break from creating a spreadsheet whether for school or work. It should be noted, however, that you will need to enable macros before you can play any of the game by clicking “Enable Macros” after opening the game.

Microsoft Is Dropping Nokia And Windows Phone Brands

Microsoft plans to drop the Windows Phone and Nokia brands from its marketing materials in the phones’ upcoming holiday campaigns. The website GeeksOnGadgets received an internal document, which was later confirmed to be authentic and accurate by The Verge. The slide showed the company’s plans about its brands. According to the slide, the manufacturer name, Nokia, will be dropped from product references in the company’s Holiday campaign.

The plan to phase out the Nokia brand should not come as a surprise given that the Finnish company was acquired by Microsoft for $7.2 billion is September 2013. The move to drop the Windows Phone brand, however, is a change in the company’s strategy. On the other hand, the move is also unsurprising for anyone who paid attention to the company’s latest commercials for its new phones.

There were no mentions of Windows Phone in the latest commercial for the Lumia 930. The company just uses Windows instead of Windows Phone. Even the company’s promotional videos do not mention Window Phone aside from the latest Cortana 30-second ads where Windows Phone was only present in a small URL at the last part of the video.

This move seems to mark Microsoft’s plan to unify its operating system. The company has been compelled to make a decision on branding an operating system that will run in both phones and tablets as it’s preparing to combine its Windows Phone operating system with Windows RT. Rivals like Apple and Android both have OS that run across phones and tablets.

Microsoft has Windows Phone OS for phones, Windows 8.1 for PCs and tablets, and Windows RT that runs on its tablets. Perhaps, the company realized that it just confuses consumers and it doesn’t matter what brand it uses for its operating system.

More hints about the Microsoft’s plan can be seen as the software company prepares to release Windows Threshold, which will debut as Windows 9. The forthcoming release will put an emphasis on bringing updates regularly instead of coming up with big successors. With the company’s imminent plan to simplify its brand, it can be expected that the new release will just be called Windows, instead of Windows 9.

The combined version of Windows Phone and Windows RT is being referred to as “Windows mobile” internally at the company and it could be a hint that the shift from Windows Phone to Windows is clearly happening.

Microsoft is slowly implementing what at first was just a vision of universal apps working across their devices such as PC, phone, and Xbox. Dropping the Windows Phone brand is one way to execute that vision.

This move does not mean that Microsoft is killing the Windows Phone OS. The company just won’t be using the name for future references like marketing materials.

Microsoft has yet to make a formal announcement regarding its rebranding efforts. A spokesman of the company has said that there is “nothing to share” when asked about phasing out the Windows Phone and Nokia brands.

Microsoft’s Deal To Acquire Minecraft’s Maker May Happen This Week

Microsoft is aiming to acquire Mojang AB, the company behind the successful Minecraft videogame, for more than $2 billion. The deal could be done as early as this week, according to someone familiar with the matter.

Carl Manneh, Mojang’s Chief Executive, and a spokesman from Microsoft had both declined to make a statement regarding the issue.

This move is a surprise, especially for Mojang, since it was not unknown to many that the company has avoided third-party investments and had been openly rallying against huge firms like Microsoft, much to the admiration of the whole videogame community.

Minecraft copies have more than 50 million of sales since its first launch in 2009 and Mojang has already reached the $100 million mark profit as of last year. Minecraft can be played on Sony’s PlayStation, computers, smartphones, and Microsoft’s own Xbox. The popular game can boost Microsoft’s videogame business and give it a following of young fans.

Despite the availability of more polished games like Microsoft’s ‘Halo’ franchise, Minecraft still managed to catch on with children and even adult gamers. Minecraft does not have the best graphics available to videogames but its popularity with players is due to its unlimited possibilities, allowing the players to build anything they want in a world of blocks that’s crammed with different dangers such as giant spiders and zombies.

The acquisition of Mojang would mark a lot of firsts and signify a couple of things. If the deal is to push through, it would be Microsoft’s first multibillion-dollar purchase under its new chief executive, Satya Nadella, who was appointed the job in February. The acquisition can also mean that Nadella has acknowledged that Xbox is not a core business for the company.

Nadella, however, said that the company sees videogames as a solution to enhance its foundation in both PCs and mobile phones. According to a letter to employees from Nadella, he stated that gaming is the largest digital life category in a mobile world.

This message has countered critics’ claims that videogames are a costly diversion for Microsoft, which gets about two-thirds of its profit by offering software to corporate technology departments. Meanwhile, the business that comprises Xbox consoles makes about $6.7 billion or roughly 8% of the company’s total revenue.

Minecraft can also help Microsoft reach out to a new legion of consumers, especially on smartphones. According to Annie, an app that tracks mobile apps, only Skype, Microsoft’s video-calling service, has been consistent in the top 50 paid or free apps for iPhone and Android smartphones in the United States. Microsoft has been struggling with its apps and its Windows Phone devices to other leading phone operating systems.

In contrast, Minecraft ranks among the top five paid apps in the U.S. in both Google app store and Apple store. The game is also an essential part of a rising trend to watch different play games on video sites like YouTube and Twitch. Some Minecraft players who post videos on YouTube have garnered more than a billion views.

Microsoft Revamped MSN With New Features

Microsoft is bringing back MSN with a revamped version that includes a new homepage, content from a large number of providers, and new lifestyle tools.

Readers will also have access to multiple Bing apps such as News, Travel, Sports, Finance, and Weather. Microsoft is also planning to release each app for Android and iOS. This move with MSN is just the company’s latest move for its ‘mobile-first, cloud-first’ vision where apps and cloud-powered services are available on cross-platform.

Not too long ago, Microsoft seemed to focus more on its other brands like Bing and Windows Live over its MSN brand, but the software company has had a change of heart and decided to revive MSN once more. The company presented a preview of the new homepage to show what’s to come. The homepage highlights the company’s popular services – Office, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and Maps – as well as popular social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Another noticeable change is the absence of original content, and instead the site is offering top content from all over the Web. Microsoft has signed up with publishers worldwide including major publishers like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, and The Guardian.

As the company also plans to release MSN apps across Android and iOS, users will be able to sync information and settings across, MSN apps, and Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant. When you bookmark a site from the MSN homepage, it will automatically connect to the MSN app on your phone. The MSN apps will be available in the coming months.

The newly revived MSN will not just be a portal to access the rest of the internet, Microsoft is aiming for the site to be an important part of its users’ daily lives. The company claims that MSN has more than 437 million users across 50 countries. Aside from the news content from other publishers, MSN will also offer other tools such as a shopping list creator for recipes and a symptom checker.

This move from the software company is the same move it’s doing with the latest version of its Windows operating system. According to its CEO, the company has given software developers a hard time by making different versions of Windows that work differently on different Windows devices. Microsoft is planning to unify the system with the next version of Windows so developers can make apps that may work on different devices at the same time. is still popular among readers because over the years, it was being set as a default homepage when you download several Internet Explorer versions. It still ranks as number 26 among top sites in the United States, just behind Google’s search engine site, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s own Bing. This one-month rank is created by Alexa and is estimated by combining average daily visitors and page views over the past month.

Microsoft did not mention when the newly revamped MSN will be available but a preview will be available on Monday.