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The Cover Of The Smartphone Is 3x Stronger Than Steel!

This device is awesome. It is almost 50 times stronger than plastic, almost 10 times stronger than aluminum and 3 times harder than steel.

This new cover of mobile is very light in weight? Thin and hard at the same time. But the thing is that you are not able to buy one yet.

A professor of mechanical engineering whose name is Jan Schroer and is doing his duties at Yale University, made the technology for the problems in his laboratory and he is struggling to make the arrival of his device in the department of a mass productivity.

For many years the academic institutions have made a useful technique for the shaping of the metal glasses which is an effective material for the new generation.

The casing of the electronics is quite in demand by the people but yet they were not successful in shaping a perfect one.

Schroers spent most of the time is past century in trying different means for the shaping of the complex geometrical structure. The used a different super freeze material apart from melting the BMG substances and forcing them to melt on high temperature. By this process BMG material turns into soft form and easily changes its shape.

With the help of this method Schroers do forming of thermoplastic. BMGs are changed in a plastic shape and as a result it does not take large amounts of energy.

From that point they focus on the production of the BMG sheets, that is the most useful in experimentation for applications.

By observing the results of his technical method he introduced his own company Super Cool Metals and owned by the Yales University.

Till now he focused of the production of things on small scale but like watches and sensors, the next level was now cases of Smartphones and it was something challenging for him.

He and his team members are producing the cases by heating the BMG sheets and now on next step they are making advance step of creating waterproof Smartphones.

Apple Iphone 6 Or The Iphone 6 Plus! Which One Is The Winner Of Race?

According to a mobile advertisement company estimation the iPhone 6 scored 80 percent of the total number of the iPhone which are being used all over the world and the remaining shares were obtained by the iPhone 6 plus.

The screen of iPhone 6 is having display range of 4.7.0 inches and is prominently made to lead the iPhone 6 Plus which has the display size of 5.5 inches with a great difference. According to an App, the difference in use and the interaction between iPhone 6 and iphone 6 Plus are the points which can be ignored easily.

It is quite well to take an average that out of 5 new sold iPhones one is iPhone 6 Plus.
The iPhones for which the people were waiting anxiously were introduced on the 9th of September, getting the excitement from people around the whole world.

On the first week of the opening of these iPhones, almost 10 million iPhones were sold that was more than the previous year sales by the Apple.

The advertising companies go through almost 25 billion ad requests everyday and have a look at the high data volume to take the estimation.

The people of the Western countries feel more satisfaction with the medium size display phones and they also like to buy phones with mid-size screen display. As compared to Western people Asians are more interested in buying bigger size screen when it comes to their choice of mobiles and tablets .Hence choices of people is different in Western countries and Asian countries.

Almost 35 percent of the overall new iPhones are used in the China, Vietnam, Philippines and the Japan and it means that below average people are using it in these countries.

According to an App, “no one ever expected that the iPhone 6 plus will be more in demand than the iPhone 6 that is in sales, but its use was much more less than the expectations – especially in the those areas where the Phaplets were already quite in demand.

Smartphones and tablets ranges from 5.5 inches to 7.0 inches and they are becoming famous among the people just because of their dual functions of smartphone as well as a tablet.

Therefore, this is the reason of the popularity of big display mobile/smartphones. There is a demand of the tablets, the smartphones and PCs, among the people of USA and other Western European countries so that they can use them according to their need. They don’t care about the size but they just want all the functions in one device to utilize.

The people US are in the favor of carrying single device with all the facilities as compared to many different smart devices. According to Apple iPhone 6 with thickness of 0.26 inches and iPhone 6 Plus whose thickness is 0.27, these two smartphones are the thinnest iPhones of the present time. Both the smartphones are having high processors so that you can enjoy them.

How To Deal With Your Older Tablet Or Smartphone

You have seen some new mobile or the tablet and you have gone into the market and grabbed that one in order to taste the new flavor of that new device. Now, the new device will definitely feels like rocking in your hands, but the one big question that you have to answer or face, is that what to do with your old mobile or tablet?

Luckily, you have a number of useful options that you can do in order to deal with your old device. Now, let me take a good look at the few options and you can follow it to deal with your’s.

  1. Give it to your family member/other companions

One option that you can do is that after purchasing your new device, you can give it to your family member or some other companions of the life. It is far better to present it to someone else rather than keeping it safe in your locker for years. So, you can gift it to the one in your family or the other loved ones.

  1. Sell it somewhere

You got a new device and you have the older one as a useless item and you also not interested in giving it to someone around you because you think that it may not be in a presentable condition, and then there are a few places where you can go and sell it to take some money. You can also sell it online on different selling/purchasing sites like the OLX etc.

If you have decided to sell it somewhere, then you will get the price of your device according to its condition and the current market value. So, don’t expect that you are going to get the amount near to what you have spent at the time of purchasing it. Even you may as well get the offers like half of the original price or even less than that if its condition is not good or it is as old as an out dated device.

As the new version of a device arrives, then it means that with its arrival, the price or the value of the old version will definitely be decreased and hence, it will be offered at the lower prices especially in case of the used items or devices. So, do keep in mind such factors while going somewhere to sell your device.

If you are selling your old device, then do remember that you must need to perform a data wipe fully and restoring the device to the default settings will be just perfect. This is so important to make sure that your personal data or personal information is not going into the unsafe hands at all. So, do peform it before handling over it to the other person.

Another Option: Keep using your device!

Well, you can use your old device and use it along with your new device and by using it as a multimedia gadget; you can save your new device’s battery life and also the condition because your older device is now performing the particular multimedia operations.

Things You Can Do In Order To Digitalize The Old Photos!

If I ask you about you about the place where your old photos may be, then I am pretty much sure that you will answer, “Photo albums, shoeboxes, or the frames.” Years have gone, the time is to recall your memories and make your old photos to digitalize them.

Now, the time is to get your old photos in your brand new PC/Laptop. Without any certainty, it seems like a huge task like climbing a difficult peak.

Digitalizing the memories:

The task is to get all your old photos in your PC. You need to buy a scanner, either you can buy a fully featured expensive scanner or you can go in the market to find the one that is made only to scan the photos.

That certainly depends on your budget and needs! Another alternate methodology to get the old photos into your PC is to capture the photo by using your digital camera, tablet or the Smartphone. And if you have decided to use this methodology of capturing the photo of your old photos by using your digital camera, tablet or the Smartphone, then you should install the app “Heirloom” that is specially created to scan the photos.

The lighting conditions and the tweaks perspectives will be adjusted automatically and the edges will be cropped automatically that means that you will not require to put a huge effort in order to scan the photos.

Additionally, you will also be able to keep the pictures in the albums and the frames when you scan the photos. That means that the time will be saved and you are not going to damage your old memorable photos as well.

And if you are having a huge number of the photos, then you can send all your old memorable photos to the photo-scanning services like the ScanCafe, PhotoBin and the FotoBridge in order to get them in your PC digitally.


When you have got all your old memorable photos in your PC in the file format like a Jpeg, then you will definitely need to organize hem now. Now, you will definitely want to organize your old photos in a way that if you want to find your photo when you were 12, then you should be able to find that easily.

If you are using the Mac, the built-in iPhoto has got the quality to do that for you. And for the users who are using the PC, they can get assistance from the Google Picasa.

Backing up the memories!

Well, the main objective to shift your old memories in your PC must be to ensure that you don’t lose your memories by damaging or losing them somewhere, so you will need to back up your old memories to make sure they stay with you forever!

For this purpose, you can use the online backup services like the BackBlaze, Mozy or the Carbonite. The Carbonite is the one backup source that I am using for long and that have never let me down until now!

The Tracking Apps For The Teens: Are They A Good Parenting Or The Risky Ones?

Keeping an eye on your children is so important in this era. For their better growth and character building, it is necessary to keep an eye on their activities. Is it really possible to monitor their activities? Well, it is the 2014 and it is very easy to monitor your teens!

The Smartphone technology is here that permits you to track your children’s activity all the day. How? By installing the tracking apps on your Smartphone you can do it.

There are many parental tracking applications available in order to monitor the activity of your teens. You can install the apps in the Smartphone like the Life360, MamaBear, My Mobile Watchdog and Canary and a few others.

According to a few parent, using the parenting apps is a good thing to keep an eye on their kids while the privacy experts and a few psychologists notified that there are also the cons and pros. So, the parents must consider them before the sign up.

TeenSafe is a service that will allow the parents to keep an eye on the children’s social media activities, location, call log and the text messages. According to the co-founder of the TeenSafe, Ameeta Jain, “over 500,000 users are using the app at the time”.

Jain told to the media that, “being a mother of two children, I was worried about keeping an eye on the children’s digital world”.

And that thing was good enough to launch the parental security service that was launched back in 2011 and is being updated consistently till now.

According to the “Teens & Technology” Pew Research survey 2013, the Smartphones with the GPS service offers an option for the constant tracking and the 37% of the teens are using the smatphones.

Well, the parents can easily log on to the TeenSafe account on their own Smartphone, tablet or the desktop in order to see their children’s activities from their iPhone or the Android phones. According to the Jain, “the service helps parents to track the online harassment and it keep the teens out of the dangerous situations like getting into the car with a drunk driver”.

Jain added, “If we do not know what is going on in the digital world of our child, then we cannot protect them or we cannot guide them at all”.

According to a psychologist and expert of the teen behavior, Barbara Greenberg, “the regular monitoring can damage the relationship between the parents and the teens because it really gives a message of disbelief”.

At the maturing stage, the kids are expected to make mistakes, but f they feel that they are monitored constantly by the parents and they will fix everything every time, then the child can develop a lack of self-confidence and the increased nervousness – according to Barbara Greenberg.

The big concern is that the tracking applications and the services can also be used to track the people those are not the children of the users. Without any doubt, there are many circumstances in which the tracking apps & services can be abused.

Afterlight:The Best Camera And Image Editing App

We see many image editing applications and photo camera applications for mobiles at Digital stores like Apple, Microsoft and Google. There are many interesting apps available and all of them are designed in a unique fashion to offer their users attractive feel and functionality.

The Afterlight is one of them and it is the highly appreciated among all because of its attractive design and easy to use user interface. This application is the App of the Week and you can find it on the Windows phone and Android platform as well to get it installed.

You can capture images and you can also edit images by this interesting application. It is very simple to use and it has a flash control and timer that can be set to different seconds delays. So, this application is just a perfect replacement for your phone’s built-in camera app to have a little more control over it.

The users have been provided some special options and many new filters to capture the pictures the way you dream. So, there are many extra features and filters that you will get by installing this application on your mobile phone.

There is a classic set of operations like adjusting contrast, saturation, brightness and exposure manually and there is also an automatic adjustment mode available that would be useful in many situations where the manual mode is not producing the desired results. You can find many filters, adjustment options and the virtual frames to give your photos a great look.

So, this application is just the right application for the camera and photo editing lovers. You can install it from the digital stores like Google, Windows or Apple right now. So, this is the App of the Week and you can download and enjoy this interesting App right now.

App Of The Week: Afterlight

Digital stores like Google, Apple and Microsoft have many image editing applications and photo cameras get better and better implemented on mobile terminals. This is how famous social networks like Instagram or Snapchat were born and the demand for software products for photo processing has increased. Some apps are more interesting than others and the highly appreciated Afterlight is now available on Android and Windows Phone.

Afterlight allows both capture and image editing. The capture mode, however, is very simple, featuring just flash control and a timer with 3,7 or 10 seconds delay. That is why it is recommendable to use the main photo camera if you need more control over the capture. The editing mode is much more interesting and gives the users some special options and many filters.

The image adjustment parameters offer a classic set of operations, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, tempertur or exposure, plus an automatic adjustment mode that can be useful in most situations if they didn’t exaggerate so much with sharpening.

Afterlight also offers less ordinary options like adjusting bright areas and shadows or editing midtones. This section offers three opttons for inserting a false vignettes, for stimulating the photo film and for sharpening. Each of these options can be adjusted.

Instagram tought its users that a photo is not interesting enough if it doesn’t have at least one filter, and Afterlight takes these into consideration and offers 57 filtres. Also, Afterlight offers lens flare and light leak.

The fourth section of the editing mode offers other classic options for rotating, straightening, cropping and mirroring and a series of templates for choosing some common aspect ratios. You can easly start sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or any other Android application that integrates the Share menu.

The last section contains virtual frames, available in many ways.

The conclusion is that Afterlight is a very interesting option.

60% Of The Mobile Applications Use Personal Data

The confidentiality and poor security problems that mobile applications have is not a new topic. Unpleasant incidents appear regular in the pasrt few years. According to a recent survey compiled by the Global Privacy Enfrocement Network, the problem is more serious than we would have thought. At least 60% of the available apps for mobile devices like Android and iOS are a potential source of problems.

This study used 1211 apps available on Android and iOS and analyzed the way they protect the privacy of the user.

According to the survey results, at least 60% of the total number of apps don’t explain clearly the ways in which they collect, process and use personal data. It seems that 43% of apps display the terms using a font to small to be seen on small screens, 31% ask too many personal details and 30% don’t display any information relevant to the user’s privacy.

The most common personal data required are geographic coordinates, but the study also included on their list of intrusions the access to the calendar, the agenda, the call log or the terminal’s hardware identification. These results are valid on a global basis, but the analyzed data at the level of each country show that the situation may become even more serious.

These results are not surprising considering that neither EU nor the US have clear legislation in this area.

European authorities have developed a guide for software developers which covers the protection of personal data, but this guide is just a recommendation.

The American authorities still failed to adopt a law aimed to solve this issue.

Microsoft Kills Nokia. The Phones Will Be Called Windows Lumia

With over 150 years of activity, the Nokia brand will most certain disappear. Probably this year.

There is a document that’s circuling inside Microsoft, consulted by Phone Arena, which shows that the American producer of software will give up gradually from using the Nokia brand for Windows Phone phones.

The new models of Nokia Lumia 730 and Nokia Lumia 830 will most likely be named Windows Lumia. Microsoft will give up completely the Nokia brand this year even before the sales campaign for the Winter Hollidays starts.

However, the people from Microsoft will act with caution and won’t make a sudden change. In the future advertising campaigns they will not use the Windows Phone logo on future terminals. They will apparently use the simple logo of Windows. In fact, even now, visitors of the regional Nokia sites are redirected to Microsoft sites.

Last September, Microsoft, the largest software manufacturer in the world took the decision to acquire Nokia for 5.4 billion euros, of which 3.8. million euros for the phone division and 1.6 billion for patents owned by the Finnish company.

In 2014, the American company created the Microsoft Mobile division. This launched an unexpected surprise for smartphone users. They launched Nokia X, a phone made by Microsoft but which also works with Android from Google.

This spring, Stephen Elop, CEO of Microsoft Devices confirmed that the Nokia brand will continue to exist only a short period of time.

When Microsoft announced the launch of the new Lumia 930, they erased any mentioning of the Nokia brand from their documents released to the press and kept them only on their terminals

An American Company Offers $10/month For Personal Information From Social Networks

An American company called DataCoup offers $10 per month to all those willing to allow their activities on the internet to be monitored. Each Like on Facebook, every search on Google and every message on Twitter will also be sent to DataCoup’s data base. After collecting this information, the company plans to sell them. DataCoup actually does what Facebook and Google don’t. The company pays its users for their personal valuable information that they have so far put at the disposal of internet giants for free. No user has received anything in return until now.

When you socialize or you are looking for information on the internet you help those from Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Twitter to earn money. All these companys will monitor your activity and, depending on your preferences, they will determine what adds to show you. Thus, advertising is much better targeted. DataCoup promises to help users to assert personal data which they already leave willingly on the internet.

Those who will accept to be monitored by an application produced by DataCoup will be paid up to $10 per month. The application can connect to all the accounts an internet user has: from Facebook and Twitter accounts to internet banking accounts. The application follows all the activity: posts, Likes, searches and transferred files.

Users can choose the amount of information they will give to DataCoup. However, the less information you give, the less money you receive. $10 per month is actually a maximum amount and only those who will accept the overall monitoring will receive it.

Just like Facebook, Google or Twitter, DataCoup will use all the data collected for commercial purposes. They will five all the information to those who develop market studies. While Facebook and Google are just monitors of their own users, DataCoup will collect information from all users of all social networks and online services. The down side is that at the beginning, DataCoup will only monitor about 10000 users.

The company hopes to expand this system in the near future but we’ll have to wait and see if DataCoup’s business plan is good or not. They will make users realize that their online activity is very valuable.