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Glimpse Of Our Future From Ces 2015!

There was a common holdback in last week at the show of the Consumer Electronics. The future is here.

The future time that is about to come as it is described in Back to the Future 2, the time of 1989 that is the sequel of 1985, it just happened in real this year or you can say that many of us saw the future of space as the excited kids watching everything with excitement.

At the Consumer Electronics Show there were cars that were moving without any driver, robots that were either cooking or greeting you. There were sensors in this show which can be connected to any part of our body and interact with our Smartphone. Drones were flying in the air and took selfies from high above so quickly that you can’t even catch a glimpse of it.

There were awesome sets of speakers that were able attracting the attention of the people. The modern future is quite amazing than the imagination of the Hollywood writers ever imagined.

The technology editor of Atlantic whose name is Adrienne and she is fan of the Future sequel said, “We may not be having flying cars and the hover boards but I am not feeling disappointment.

She told that the self-driving cars are very awesome if we want to go somewhere we use an airplane but a self driving car is too much better and can give a different and changed way of living.

In Back to the Future 2, McFly and his companions were enjoying fun on a new kind of TV that is similar to a movie screen. It is not having a round tube but having a flat screen, and he can even do video calls on that TV.

But in this present time we are having better choices. We can call, play games, listen music etc on the flat sets of panels and last but not the least we have got Ultra HD resolution.

We are having modern gadgets, networks and Smartphones that can do more than even Steve Jobs could think about when he made his iPhone publically known in 2007.

At the beginning it was time to talk about the net surfing, checking mails and playing games. But now is the time of things and life that is connected to internet. In the 2015 CES it seems like each and every product there was connected with the internet and the applications of the Smartphones.

Our future is letting us open the door with our mobiles, we can turn on and off a car and even we can turn off and on the lights. Most important of all, let’s not forget about the applications that are installed in dryers, washing machines, hearths, cars etc.

This modern era is providing us a number of internet things that are making our lives quite easy and amazing. In our near future there will be more progress in all these creations. Now we are having cameras that is monitoring our every move from the spa.

Instagram Used By 300 Million Users Monthly!

After getting on top level with 200 million users monthly, the app for sharing of pictures Instagram got the rank of milestone that is 300 users are monthly using this application.

Out of 300 million users that are using Instagram 65% are those people who live out of US in some other countries. Almost by taking average we can say that almost 70 million pictures are shared by the users on Instagram each day that were 60 million last year.

This rank made Instagram a leading figure among the network of apps on social level. In the estimation of October there were almost 284 million actively participating users.

The CEO of Instagram gave his views in a report that they are excited to see this community get to its peak and witness the great series of links that people create of the passion that is shared of their journey in different area.

One sixth of the people that are the user of Smartphones almost 52.3 million people use Instagram. Out of all these people almost 80% are of the ages from 12 to 35.

According to Systrom he wants Instagram on the level of authentication so that the services will be inaugurated in the future for the people who are either athletes or celebrities. But is not yet clear the verified status can be qualified by the users.

This service finding the fake and the accounts which are spam and are trying to delete them from the Instagram permanently.

The application of Instagram was introduced in front of the people 5 years before in 2010 and the people use it in order to share pictures that are often with special filters. It was launched last year for the applications in mobile phones and smart devices.

A new application Hyperlapse was introduced by Instagram. The function on that app is to let you make the lapsed movies.

Two years before social networking app Facebook got Instagram for 1 billion dollars and sort out ways to share pictures service through it on Facebook. Last year Instagram started its advertisement and its base of almost 300 million users is very charming for the marketers.

The advertisement business of Instagram is very slow yet and it needs a bit of effort to grow in the marketing areas. For this purpose they are working on it.

The Year Of Wearable Products, 2015!

In this fast world of connecting products, this New Year will become the year labeled as the year of health care. You will come to know that with a variety of different new applications and products in the Consumers show for the electronics in well known Las Vegas took place.

At first moment it seems difficult to think both of them wearable’s and the term for ‘healthcare ‘to be taken at one place but of course it cannot be accepted without their big display in a bright and shiny show case.

But no need to be mistaken, the difference is clearly visible to the people who are the experts in industry, because they are well aware from the fact that all these devices are having the ability to be used in fitness in the future time, and that time will be good as the people from medical professions are well aware that all these applications and devices can be helpful for them in using at the time of need in the healthcare department for a person born in the years following the Second World War, when there was a temporary marked increase in the birth rate.

That’s a big problem. Take it as:

  • There are almost 78 million such people; we can say that it is roughly fourth of the population of USA.
  • The first of them will be the age of 70 years next year in 2016.

A lawyer of the health and care problems whose name is Jefrey Baaired told a group of sensor industry staff last year that the bodies start to lose their composure at the age of 70 years and according to him all these people will live for 85 years.

In USA average life expectancy is 78 years and according to him that it’s not acceptable to have 78 million people at one time.

Now the industries have to do the changes from fitness programs to healthcare plans. The work is to use the wearable products and devices by the physicians for the benefit of people and to make a good decision of taking care of their patients. Although all these precautions are put in to action and the wearable devices are used to get some vital signs but the requirements of all people are not similar.

The information gathered should be to the point and exact. It should also be kept personal and hidden, merely in use of the health care program. Some difficulties also come in it but we have to sort it out.

A fitness tracker is made by the Samsung Company that is quite in demand in the market and is known as digital health care initiative. The fund of 50 million dollars was spent on this discovery.

An Apple health tracker will soon come in the market, which is connected with the scales, trackers for all kind of activities and even blood pressure.

Very soon the time is about to come when the fitness wearable are not only going to be seen in sports but also pharmaceutical companies shelves and your doctor as well as your personal trainer is going to be aware of it.


Scan Your Photos Now, Project Of New Year!!

Talking Technology:

According to IRVINE-Now is the time in the New Year to at last start doing the projects that were being ignored from a long time? It’s the time now to take your pictures by digital processing and then getting them. Till now scanning is considered to be the quickest mean of getting the pictures and is also affordable for people.

Many of the people must be thinking, there are still some people who use scanner despite of having modern means of taking photos.

That’s what I was also thinking, as I started to take out more old time’s picture out of my cupboard to do something on the New Year. I had a big box full of such photos and I took them downstairs to scan all these photos on a website, which we use to just scan the pictures, negatives and make slides of pictures for the people.

On this website millions of photos are converted into digital pictures over the last 5 years which may not be considered too much according to the president of the firm Goldstein who said, “Still there are almost million of the analog pictures which are being used by the generation and it is a huge sum.”

The way of scanning the old photos which can be suitable for economy as well as affordable for people is that they buy a scanner and sale each print for almost 100 dollars that comes from scanned picture these days. But there is a problem that the process of scanning is too slow. Firstly you have to put the picture in scanner, and then press the button of scan on the system, after that save that file and at last start again.

Most of the local offices use either Sony or Kiosk in their shops which can help you in scanning almost 100 photos at a single time on a CD for just only 5 dollars. Though the price is quite affordable but it takes time in scanning and you have to stand and wait over the kiosk.

You can download an application in you smart device and can also scan you picture by it but we can lean on such a small app for the pictures that are too much worthy for us, as they hold our memories.

The best way is to make a second copy of all the pictures and save the on any CD or in USB, give it to your friend or keep it in a safe closet.

Though in previous year many hacking threats were seen and reported by the people, still they prefer to keep their pictures online and as precaution are quite satisfied by it that their pictures are at the distance of one click.

There are many devices that are reliable for the storage of our pictures and documents and are available with different capacities. It is really a priceless moment when all those pictured come in front of us and it cannot be explained in words. It seems like all those moments was just time of yesterday.

The Top Video Games For The Kids In 2014!

Someone who spends the time with the family will definitely be aware of the fact that what things the kids like the most. Of course, the Games!

Here are the top console games that we have picked for the year 2014 for the kids.

  1. Super Smash Bros:

The fighting game from the Nintendo has been arrived and now it has been hitting the chart at the number one among the top picks for the console games for the 2014 year. While a survey for the top games in the different schools and among the other kids, we have found that the Super Smash Bros is getting the most number of likes and it has been used and liked by the more number of kids as compared with the other games for the kids. So, you can try this for your kid right now.

  1. PvZ – Garden Warfare:

This is a third person shooter game that has got really good gaming experience for your kids. If the concern is for the first person shooting, then it would definitely be the Call of Duty, but as you know I am talking about the third person shooting game, so you would know what exactly I mean. The third person shooting game that has been logged in for the most of the time as compared with the others, is the PvZ – Garden Warfare.

  1. Skylanders Trap Team:

It is another toy based games that gets the attentions of the kids so quickly. Unlike the Disney Infinity, the game doesn’t have the Toy Box and the real adventure approach is more refined and it does not at all scattered like the Disney’s adventure. The game is at the number three in this list for the year 2014.

  1. Mario Kart 8:

For many reasons, the game is just great for the Kid. For both type of the gamers like the hardcore gamers and the casual gamers, the game is a gift. The game also offers you an insight about how unfair the life is. Several evil items and the mechanics are a part of this great game and this is at the number four position in this countdown.

  1. Pokemon Art Academy:

The game is particularly great for three different reasons. To create encourage the creativity in the kids that can be a rear thing for the gamers to achieve in a game, the real drawing techniques are used in the game that can be really good for the kids and the third one that is best is the in game Lily classmate that is just hilarious. The game for its three dimensional type of enjoyment mode is just perfect for the kids to play. So, this is at the number three among the list.

The above top five games for the kids are the top picks for the year 2014 and you can try the above five games for your kids. So, the year has ended by ranking the above 5 games as the top picks of the year.

Security Concerns Over Facebook: Mps Warn That The Facebook Can Directly Gain Access To Your Mobile Phones And Take The Pictures/Videos At Any Time

The MPs warns that the Facebook can directly gain access to your mobile phones and can take the pictures/videos. They tried to take the attention of the Government by asking them to draw new guidelines for the websites and the mobile apps to clearly explain how to use their personal data and the warnings about the laws those are needed if the company fails to fulfill.

Without the user’s permission, the Facebook can easily access to your mobile phone and can take the pictures/videos anytime. This warning has been made by the MPs and they asked the social media networks to simplify the terms and conditions.

While talking, the MP also said that, “all the companies (the social media companies) should simplify the terms & conditions those are designed for the US courts because they are at the stage very complicated so that almost no reasonable person can understand that.

They MPs tried to take the attention of the Government by calling them to draw the new plan for the mobile apps and the websites to make clear how to use their personal data and the warnings about the laws those are required if the company fails to perform.

The committee marked the terms for the “Facebook Messenger” app that is used by over 200,000 million users a month. It means that the app can directly gain the access to a tablet or the mobile in order to make pictures/videos anytime without the permission of the owner.

The MPs also highlighted that earlier this year, the company carried out an experiment in which they recorded the users’ moods as the news feeds.

“All the companies (the social media companies) would never think or want to deceive their users, so most of the social media networks developers will be ok to accept the new guidelines on the clear communication and the informed approval that we are asking to the Government to apply.

Adding more, “there must be a clear rules and guidelines for the information that the apps require in order to provide their services like the nature of the personal information they often request while registering the new users.

The Government’s handling of plans was also criticized by the committee about compiling the patients’ medical records on a centralized database under controversial project that spark the concerns of the patients’ right groups and the doctors over the privacy.

It was said that the project has been a just an example of the failure of the trusted relationship that is needed to be developed.

Although, the Facebook didn’t respond to that issue via any statement, but according to a source, “we have quite recently restructured our terms and the policies to make them easier and simpler to understand”.

The source said, “We also made a new site from where people can get assistance to understand the way to control their Facebook experience like, using the privacy settings and tagging the people.

The DPC (Data Protection Commissioner) has noted that the Facebook had applied the recommendations of the Data Protection Commissioner and in many examples, they went beyond to some of their initial recommendations and they are fully dedicated to the best practice in the data protection agreement.

How The Social Media Is Affecting The Employment Process

The Harris Interactive conducted a research for the CareerBuilder in the US this year and it showed that the 43% of the employers while searching for the information about their employees over Social media found certain things that make them fire some of their candidates. That means that the Social media is affecting the employment process as well.

This study was conducted on a set of 2100 different managers and the other human resources professionals and conclusions were that there was almost two out of the five companies those are using the Social Media networks to get useful information about their candidates.

And if you are wondering about what kind of information that was that forced the employers to take such a strict action, then, according to the survey; it was the “inappropriate content”. To be clearer, there were some evidences of the unsuitable behavior some information that made their character bad. That kind of information it was that the companies found that made them dismiss a few employees.

In contrast to the dismissal of a huge number of the employees due to the Social media, some employers also admitted that they have involved the Social Media tool that led to boost the interest in the certain candidates getting still to put forward a formal proposal from the organization.

And luckily for many employees, one of the five managers said that they found the information that becomes the reason for hiring the employees as well. So, that means that the Social Media is affecting the Employment process in both ways and the Employees are finding it both in their favor and against as well.

But, one thing is for sure, and that is, that the employers are now starting to use this great tool, known as the “Social Media” in order to get useful information about their clients based on what they are able to hire or dismiss their employees for the betterment of the company.

The vice president of the CareerBuilder (Rosemary Haefner) said that “the employers are starting to use all the available tools to make sure they take the best decision for the new hiring and the Social Media networks are one of those important tools are being those used by the manager”.

That means that now, all the candidates must need to be aware about the type of information they are leaving on the social networks and the behavior the present on the Social Media networks and they must need to make sure that they would need to manage their virtual image in the positive way.

All the managers and the other HR departments must need to think in the best approach about the way they should use to obtain through the Social Media networks and if they are in fact pertinent to the professional profile of the candidate on the Social Media networks.

Obviously, the Social Media networks are affecting the employment process and the managers and the HR departments are using it as a tool for the hiring decisions.

Social Worker Spared Suspension After Case Could Be Identified Through Facebook Posting

Despite the continuing warnings about what should and should not be put on social media, a social worker has been received a 12-month conditions of practice order from the HCPC with regards to comments that they put on Facebook. The remarks were made about a child and their child protection court order case.

The first post was regarding the fact that the case was going to court and was being heard the following day and discussing the fact that there was a lot of domestic violence around them. Then afterwards commented about how their lives will be changing for the better. There was a location pin next to it, so it would be clear to people nearby which case was being referred to.

It is reported that when the HCPC was made aware of the comments they described them as “disrespectful and insensitive” and could have led to major repercussions for the people involved.

In her defence the social worker explained that she had not realised that anyone other than her friends were able to see what she had written. It was in fact easy to find as her manager was able to do just that simply by Googling her name.

What the social worker does not seem to have been aware of is the fact that an upgrade could alter the settings and change what was being written so that everyone had access.

It seems that the complaint came from the mother who was involved in the case – known as Mrs A – who was also able to find the posts and said that she was “disgusted” by what had been written.

It has been reported that there would have been around 100 people who would have been able to know who was being discussed, although many of them were also social workers and may have been aware of the case anyone. There was further concern shown after it showed that the comments had appeared in local newspapers.

The panel who listened to the case came to the conclusion that there had to be a finding of impairment delivered as if it was anything else it would lead to the public losing confidence in the organization. It was also noted that after 15 years of service this was the first time there had been an incident to it would be disproportionate to suspend them.

It was determined that there would be a 12 month condition of practice order imposed and as a result the social worker would be supervised by a line manager.

How Does Social Media Affect Employment Process

A study made this year in the US by Harris Interactiv for CareerBuilder shows that 43% of American employers which search information about their candidates with Social Media, find certain things that make them dismiss some candidates.

According to this study, conducted on 2100 managers and human resources professionals, almost two out of five companies are using Social Media networks to research about candidates.

And if you wonder what kind of information led the 43% of American employers give up on some candidates, the survey responds: inappropriate content. More specifically, the arguments range from evidence of inappropriate behavior or just information that simply contradicted the CV.

On the other hand, some employers have admitted that they have encountered in Social Media information which led to an increase in interest for certain candidates, reaching even to submit a formal proposal from the company.

One in five managers said they have identified information that led to the hiring decision.

Rosemary Haefner, vice president of CareerBuilder said “ employers use all available tools to ensure they take the best hiring decision and more and more start using Social Media networks.

The candidates must be aware of the type of information they leave for their employers and they have to manage well their virtual image.

At the same time, managers and HR departments need to think well at the way they use the information obtained through Social Media and if they are indeed relevant to the professional profile of the candidate

3 Ways Effects Of Social Media Networks Have On Our Brains

Social Media changed the way people and companys communicate. Also, Social Media changed the way our brains function. Here are 3 ways Social Media affect our brain:

  •  Social Media can create an addiction like drugs and alcohol do

 Studies have shown that more than 10% of internet users are addicted to Social Media networks and can’t control the amount of time spent online.

Like drugs and alcohol, Social Media can affect certain parts of our brain, those responsible with attention, emotions .

Due to the fact that Social Media networks offer immediate rewards without too much effort, your brain begins to make you want this kind of stimuli. And, just like a drug addict or an alcoholic, you will want another dose or another drink to receive these stimuli again.

  • Social Media affects our concentration

 Maby you find those who frequently use Social Media and who can follow more than one platforms at the same time , better at multitasking. But recent studies have shown that those you use traditional media can focus better that those who use Social Media.

Multitasking between online platforms can reduce the brain’s capacity to filter information and can affect your memory as well.

  • Social Media makes you feel strage vibes

 Did you ever felt your phone vibrate and discover that your phone is actually not active?

People are so addicted to their smartphones that they feel their phones vibrate even when nothing is really happening.

A recent study has shown that more and more people have these feelings at least once a week.

You may find this strage but in the Social Media era, our brains are activated by strage stimuli.