CEO Of Apple Tim Cook IS Satisfied With The Company’s Performance In China

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that the company is on a verge of improving their sales growth in China, although the slowdown was seen there in economic growth.

Cook was very confident over the sales and said that Apple has carried on the improved business growth rate in China and he is satisfied with the performance of the company there. He is not confident about the current growth but also he has no doubt about the growth of the sales if the company in the future.

Cook proudly says that being a part of the company he can predict that what would happen to the company and the performance of the last quarter says it all. China is a country which has provided an opportunity to not only Apple but many other companies have benefited through it. So, a company like Apple can get success for very long period in China.

In China, the availability of the wireless connections with very fast speed is not there and it would take some time to get penetrated due to which Cook is also confident of the company’s success and growth of sales among the persons who belong to middle class.

Investors were anxious due to the situation of slow growth in China and they were considering it to create significant effects on Apple. On Monday, the shares of apple were opened by falling 10 percent down but due to the Cook’s confident comments, till the midday, a hike of 2 percent has been seen in the shares.