China Puts On Apple News App

The News app of Apple which had been recently launched by the company is not available in China. It is still not certain that whether the app has been blocked by Apple or it has become a victim of “Great Firewall” of the government of China.

The app has officially been launched in USA only while in Australia and United Kingdom, it is under the experiments. But the app has been used in numerous locations all over the world which even include Hong Kong, despite of that in China, there is no access to the app.

It has been reported that in Hong Kong, the app was running without any error in it while connecting to the network but error was found as it was connected to Beijing. A message appears in front of the user in that region which says that the story is not available for you as it does not support the area in which you currently are.

Through the News App, the issues are disclosed which are being faced by more companies including in China whose government has usually been involved in censoring the information. The domestic media of the country is under strict restrictions while the website like Facebook and Google are blocked there.

Very investments have been done by the media from western side to establish the news website in Chinese language but still they have to face the censor problems in their publications. Government avoid all the controversies that can hurt the business in the country. Therefore if the news of the Apple’s app are promoted by the government, then the economy of the country can get a jolt because of any kind of controversy stands because of such news.

Those ventures which do not follow the restrictions put by the censorship of Beijing have to face the unpleasant consequences. There are several social media websites belonged to USA working and providing the services through the world but China has allowed only LinkedIn among them to operate in the country which still has some exceptions and blocked content.

As there are number of laws which have to be followed by any company anywhere in the world. The criteria of investment in every country is not the same which makes the things more difficult. A recent law has been passed in Spain according to which a licensing fee will have to be paid by the aggregators of the news for example Apple News to use the snippets of news stories.

Eventually, it can be said a usual part of the business for Apple to lurch the deployment of services all over the world. An example of Apple Music can be taken which was launched in Chine after few months of its availability in USA.