Chinese Mobile Phone Brands Hopeful to Capture the U.S. Market

China which has been capturing the mobile phones market all over the word at a very rapid pace is always kept out of the call phones market of United States where users for buying a smartphone have plenty of other options. Companies of Canada, America, Korea, Japan and others have their feet in the markets of USA. China will also enter the US markets now and Chinese brands are very confident that they can shiver sales of the main players of the market which are Apple and Samsung.

Chinese brands are making phones which have attractive looks with great features similar to expensive brands but are sold at cheaper rates due to their ability to make them at low costs. Many smart phones look like and iPhone. Some Chinese brands which are providing the best features to their customers are enlisted below with brief explanation of their features.


Huawei is very keen to enter the market of USA and for that it changed its name to be called in there which is “FutureWei”. Although the name did not last for long but the company is still aiming for the particular market to get an entry. Two of the US carriers are in focus of the company to launch its phones.


This is a very well-known brand of China and want to build its reputation in United States similar to the one in the own country. Company have already built an office in California and hired an American as its mobile chief which is the first step to get into the market. LeTv has decided to capture the US market through the provision of free movies and TV shows and the Dolby sound technology will be another source of attraction to the customers.


Lenovo which is the world’s number 3 Smartphone maker purchased Motorola last year to find a find towards the American market is hoping to cut the power of the biggest rivals.


ZTE already has its presence in the American mobile phone market through the prepaid Smartphone market in the country. ZTE has kept an eye to catch the position of LG which is a Korean brand who has a significant role in the market and hold third rank in the marketand that will be snatched by making an impact in the market by offering various striking features to change the behavior of the consumers who love the incumbents Apple and Samsung.