City Streets Will Get The Free Wi-Fi For The Public

Google has marked its name in the development of few projects which are innovative in nature. Its recent project was Self-driving cars which were made to lessen the death rate in the accidents. This was the part of Google’s new startup launch called Sidewalk Labs. Now Google has taken into consideration another project according to which it will provide free Wi-Fi to the public in the cities.

The implementation of the idea has been made possible through the merger of two companies “Control Group” and “Titan” by the Startup labs. Control Group will be the source of interface for the new hubs and Titan will be responsible to supervise the advertisement which will be done for the project. They will lead the company to achieve its objective of connecting the streets where people can walk and use high speed free internet. The program is named as LinkNYC initiative through which plan has been made to convert old pay phones into free Wi-Fi hubs for the public.

Researches tells that in United States there 55 million without having any access to the broadband with high speed. The situation is even worse in rural areas and this project of Google will be a source which would decrease this thing and more people will be connected through high speed Wi-Fi without paying any cost for it.

It will be a good opportunity to give tough competition to its rival Facebook which has been working to connect people all over the world which is successful as well. This Google project will connect more people and more connections among the people would mean that there are more chances of growth.

Wireless connection provider for Google’s LinkNYC initiative will be Qualcomm in New York and with the expansion of the project it is expected that connections will be taken from more providers as well. Google itself has been proving fiber connections in some cities which include Austin and Kansas City so it will be seen in the future that Google itself will be included in the list of one of the internet service providers.Colin O’Donnell, founding partner of Control Group appreciates that if Google itself shows its involvement in this way, it would be beneficial for the project.

New York is the place where anything happens comes to knowledge of everyone so it is being expected that the largest public Wi-Fi project would become the focus of other cities as well and will show some positive results. It is still not sure the when the expansion of the project will be done in other cities but hopefully it will be done soon after looking at the reaction of the local government to the LinkNYC initiative.