Combination Of 16 Cameras Will Give You The Quality Of DSLR

A hybrid of smartphone and camera has been created by “Light” the new Startup which is named as L16. The device is made up of 16 separate cameras and the working of the device is dependent on the photo captured by 10 camera simultaneously and all the individual shots captured are combined into a single one by the software. Resultantly, a high resolution image of 52 megapixels is created.

The latest device was disclosed by Light on Monday and the company after spending 2 years on the camera told that L16 is the device in which the lenses can also be replaced as in a DSLR. About $35 Million have already been raised by the company in 2 rounds of funding. It has the partnership with the manufacturers that include Foxconn and Sunny Optical.

These days everyone has a smartphone due to which the cameras are not purchased by the people as earlier they were demanded. Smartphones have made things so easy that people have cameras in their pockets now and they can also share the photos whenever they want with others. Moreover the quality of the cameras that are attached to the smartphones has been improving day by day.

But the large cameras with high optical lenses are still not matched by the smartphones as they are specifically made for the purpose of capturing the moments.

The founder of the new L16 is hopeful that this is the device which is going to replace the DSLR. Attractive part of L16 is that it has smaller size as compared to a DSLR. The device is expensive and you can get it by spending $1600 which is almost the price of a DSLR of mid-range.

Dave Grannan, the CEO of the company said that people are in fond of the photography that is better than what a smartphone captures for them therefore company had the objective to solve the problem for them.

The device has a flat back and it in rectangular in shape while the size is bigger than a phone but still you can carry it in the pocket. So we can say that we can have a DSLR in our pockets now.

L16 has three categories of cameras which all are 13 megapixels. It has five 35 mm cameras, five 70 mm and the rest are 150 mm. all of the cameras capture the image according to their working and then assembling of the shot is done through the computational imaging algorithms.

You can also upload the photo directly for which one of the cameras is specified with Wi-Fi. The photos will be uploaded automatically to the cloud account when it gets access to the Wi-Fi.