Comcast Will Bring High Speed Internet Very Soon

Comcast is making a way out to develop the cable internet with a speed that would be equal to Google Fiber or perhaps it could have more speed.

Experiments are under progress on the latest technology with the help of which the company claims that it would give the users a speed that will be higher than 1 Gigabit per second. How fast it is? It is actually fifty times more than the speed of current broadband connections which is offered by the service providers.

If the modem is correct, then ideally the technology has the capability of providing the speed of internet of almost 10 Gigabits per second. One of the spokesmen of Comcast says that the company is hopeful that the network would be upgraded in 2 or 3 days.

In this new technology, transfer of data would be done in more efficient way as compared to the existing networks of cable and it does not need to install the fiber optic cables at homes. It is not similar to the existing internet service of the company which has the super high speed that has the ability of data delivery with the speed of 2 Gigabits per second.

It has been in the consideration of every company to give the users high speed internet. If the data delivery speed is not increased, then the actual speeds may be very slow.

According to AT&T, Google and Comcast, to give the fast internet speed to more than one devices to connect internet at a time, gigabit speeds are very significant for that purpose.