Companion App That Can Ensure Your Safety

Students from the Michigan University have developed an app through which you can now track your friends’ journey to the home and know that whether they have safely reached home or not and surety the police can be called with convenience in emergency.

The name of the app is Companion and a great amount of momentum is being gained by the app since it has been launched publically before 2 weeks. The app has been made available for the iOS or Android. Through GPS, a request can be sent to the contact in the phones of the users so that the trips of the contacts can be tracked.

The app has been a success as during the past week, 5,000,000 new users have been found to be joining it.
All the fans are excited about this new app that can be used for the purpose of safety. A user told that he tracked one of his friends while he was walking to a store that was around 20 minutes away. His friend got an SMS through which a request was given to be the companion. There is a link that is sent in the text message and it takes the receiver to the app. It also directs the person to the map in the browser and as soon as the request is accepted, one can see the place where his friend is.

The sensors of the phone that are built in, are used to perceive the changes in movement for example user of the phone begins to run. If something like that happens, users are asked by the app to give confirmation about their being fine. If it is not done so within fifteen seconds, companion will be notified by the app that they may be required to call the police. During that period, the app will be entered into the alert mode and gives noises of siren and indicates the button through which police can be called.

Lexie Ernst who is among the team of the founders of the app, told that everyone has been using the app whether they are kids or senior citizens. The idea for the app was initiated for the help of the people who have been becoming the victims of the crimes in the campuses of the college.

The initial version of the app was introduced in November last year for the Michigan University students. It has been planned by the founders of the app that it would be added more features very soon for example touch ID technology. With that feature, only phone owner will be able to hit the I’m OK button. This will help you in the wat the phone has not been stolen and it is true message rather than being a lie that you are ok.