Conversion Of Your Old Smartphone Into Security Camera!

In this present time of continuous hacking and the revealing of data it is quite easy to forget the fact that old robbers are still wandering here and there to take the chance and rob your houses.

That’s why the security systems are the preference of people for the security of their houses especially those alarms that give you a signal from a distance and automatically give alert when someone enters in the house without breaking it.

Of course a security plan that covers the entire house should not be your priority. You need a selected section, wearables box, door of a room in strict security. In this case you can get a quick security system that can be made by using the perfect tools etc.

The first thing you need for this purpose is a cellphone of a tablet with its camera in working condition, a stand that can help the device to stand straight and an application for monitoring. Set up the device on a stand and keep it fix on a direction that you want to keep in check.

Start the application and when it will catch any kind of movement it will get alert by the help of a message or an email, either it will take the picture of the robber or an alarm will start ringing.

If you are already having a smart device or cellphone or tablet you can make it in use and you don’t have to spend money on buying a new one. You can also make use of your own smartphone if you want to keep a check on something at night when you are in deep sleep at night, perhaps the door of a hotel room.

There are few smartphone application used in the android devices for security purpose and a number of people are using it for their security. The name of one of these applications is Salient Eye Application. It makes the use of the camera in sense motion and sends you an alert by an email.

After that signal it starts taking pictures and uploads them online by an account. After sometime an alarm is set off that scares away the robber and a password is required to shut that alarm.

A gadget for the connection of wifi is required for the uploading of pictures. The application of Salient Eye can take the pictures and ring an alarm without the wifi connection but there are still chances that the thief can steal the gadget.

The developers are claiming that the application of Salient Eye can work for almost 10 hours with the battery and it can also do its work on the places where the access is not possible. There is also an application that is paid and can be used for this purpose.

A smartphone security camera is perfect and quick for security of the limited area. If you want your security system to be upgraded than the recommendation is the wireless security cameras.

Whatever you buy just make it sure it is having an encrypted signal and that you make sure to change the default password at the exact moment. The hackers will not feel difficulty in finding this application on the internet and they can spy on you through that camera.