corrlinks Access Corrlinks Inmates E-MAIL System

Unfortunately, if your family member or friend is a prisoner in federal prison and you want to interact with him then what would be the most economical way to contact him? Well, the answer is Corrlinks Email system. Corrlinks Email System is designed to contact inmates in federal prison. Federal Bureau of prison is allowing prisoners to get access to computers known as TRULINCS (Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System) is basically a system of inmates through which they can receive and send Emails. Corrlinks inmate Email system is quite different from the Commercial system of Email. As it doesn’t work like traditional email system, inmates’ receive and create their emails via Trust Fund Inmate Computer system. In this article you will get information about pre-requisite, method to send and receive Emails via Corrlinks Inmate system

What are the pre-requisite to access Corrlinks Inmate E-MAIL system?

  1. In order to use Corrlinks Inmate Email system you are supposed to keep inmate number with whom you want to talk.
  2. You can only contact with inmate if you are added to his book of contacts.
  3. Deposit some amount via Master card if you want to contact any inmate in registered state.

Detailed guidelines to register with Corrlinks Inmate E-MAIL system

In order to enroll with Corrlinks Inmate System you have to follow given below instructions

  1. If you have get an email of invitation through Corrlinks
  2. If you have got an E-MAIL of invitation via Corrlinks then you will be allowed to enter Identification code in relevant field.
  3. For new users, you are required to click on button which is marked as “Register” under section of “New Users”.
  4. You are required to add “E-MAIL address”, “Password” & “Identification code” in order to create account.
  5. You are supposed to wait for thirty minutes for approval of your request.

What is the procedure to Forward and receive an E-MAILs via Corrlinks Inmate E-MAIL system?


In order to forward and receive an E-MAILs through Corrlinks Inmate E-MAIL System, you are supposed to follow given steps of execution.

  1. First of all you have to turn on your computer system and open internet explorer to add official URL link of website.
  2. Link of website is given here
  3. Add this URL link into address bar of web browser and click on button of “Go” to proceed further.
  4. Visit home page of website and enter the email ID along with password in marked fields and click on button which is marked as “Log in”
  5. This will redirect you to another window where you have to add the number of inmate into book of contact of Corrlinks system.
  6. To do a contact with inmate of federal you have to add the inmate with identification code in marked field. You can get this code through an email.
  7. In next step you have to click on button which is labeled as “Mailbox”
  8. Later, click on button of “New message” generate an email and send it.
  9. Click on button which is marked as “Account Management” to proceed further.
  10. Click on button of “Manage my inmate list”
  11. After this you will get another option of “Email Alerts” click on it to get new updates.
  12. For any help please visit Frequently Asked Question web page.

 Limitation of Corrlinks Inmates E-MAIL

Corrlinks is Email handling system which is used for Federal Bureau Prisons to send and receive emails.

  1. Emails are examined by a certain department after completing the process of screening department sent the mail to correspondence.
  2. Inmates are not required to wait for weeks and weeks to get letter from their family and friends.
  3. Inmates can use now this electronic email system to receive emails within two hours.
  4. Inmates users are not allowed to add audio or image file to the emails.
  5. This system will not charge any fee to the user of Corrlinks but inmates have to pay a minimal fee for this service

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Customer Support:

For any customer support you are required to visit home page of website. Scroll down the window till bottom and click on link of “Customer Support” which will take you to another web page. In next web page you have to select your problem through drop down list and you will be redirected with number of options as solutions to problem.

Important Note

In order to use this website charges are paid according to agreement of correctional agency. This site does not charge for receiving and sending emails from inmates with TRUNLINCS at Federal Bureau of prisons. Right now the cost of sending message to lowa inmate is $0.25 and for Oklahoma inmates it costs $0.30 per message.