Court Says Samsung Should Not Copy Apple

Finally, a good news for Apple has come and court has given the company what it was looking for. Apple had appealed for a long period about the Samsung and now the rival of Apple is not allowed to copy the features of iPhone any more. It has been ruled by the federal appeals court in Washington that now the software of the Samsung smartphones has to be updated so that the features of autocorrect, slide to unlock and quick link software are removed from their phones. All of them are the copied features of the iPhone.

But such decision has come now when the way of working of these features have been changed by Samsung. Now Galaxy phones are not required to be unlocked by sliding them rather for the purpose, fingers can be swiped on the screen anywhere. Moreover, the keyboard of the devices of Samsung has also been updated after the court’s ruling. All of them are the clear indications of the Samsung’s own amendments in the features.

Samsung told that it is not going to stop selling its smartphones. The company will always support its Galaxy phones which are already coming with new altered features while it has been looking to bring more amendments after this decision.

According to the court, Samsung has not been ordered to stop selling its devices rather they have been directed to make their smartphones free of the features that are being copied.

It was February 2012 when the suit was filed first time by Apple which is considered to be a long duration when technology is concerned. At that time, the latest smartphone of Samsung was Galaxy S II and that was reported to be in the lawsuit. Now, Galaxy S6 has been released by Samsung and Apple has finally won the case.

According to the initial district court decision, Samsung had to pay $120 million to Apple for the violation of patents. It was less than one tenth of what had been asked by apple initially.

This is not the only case related to patents as currently there are more cases which are being fought among the other companies of such nature. It is a separate case in which $980 million were granted as damages to Apple after it was ruled that the phones made by Samsung were being copied. But another decision was made by an appeals court according to which the basic design of the iPhone is not allowed to be patented by Apple.