Developers Access To The Internet.Org Of The Facebook

The world largest social website platform, which already grabbing the million users, business websites and others is coming with the new feature for the developers who linked their websites, with the Facebook. The Facebook is now working to introduce the authentication at the The project would be free for the internet users and the subscribers of the social website. The actions get many criticisms from the programs like ‘walled garden’. According to them, this approach of accessing the which is a service much convenience to the developers is a serious violation of the neutrality online which has some principles.

The countries like India are at the top of the criticism against the net neutrality. The India has a zero program rating informed by the operator of the mobile company service like Airtel. This step of the Facebook has ignited raised zero rating issue in the country. Due to the loss of the maximum Indian partners on the largest social platform Facebook, who have left the facility which is a serious response of the various companies against this debate. With the accessibility of the to the developers, now raised the issue at a new level.

In a Facebook blog post, the representatives of the Facebook claimed their major goal of accessing the to the developers is that it could extend the various benefits to the local communities, entrepreneurs and enhance the diversity of the connectivity around the world. With this step of the accessibility, they could offer the services to the customers around the world in a much effective ways. This way they could promote the transparency and the reliable services and the products to their customers.

In addition to the transparent promotional campaign for the users of the Facebook, the will enable on the gigantic venture which would be beyond the starting phase of the search and the other portal services as well as the third party services. It seems that the will change from the static to the basic portal on the effect layer of the Internet which is free and easy to use.

Besides, this, opening new horizons for the business purpose, the platform is easy to access vastly according to the developers prospective. Now they could use three basic principles which need to be solely followed by them in using this Facebook for their business purpose.

The Facebook commented on this issue, that the accessing the services by the developers, could encourage the new, broader way of using the internet for the business purposes. This will validate the application, but it is a strategic way to lock the users in your websites and gaining their attention easily for the promotion of the business. They cleared the air, that the websites which have the heavy bandwidth will not be used for this purpose. The developers could use the services which do not have the file transfer, sharing of the high resolution pictures and the video uploading options.