Do Cell Phone Really Cause Brain Tumor

A new regulation has been passed by the city of Berkeley, California according to which cell phones store are ordered to tell the customers about safety measures using the cell phones. The new ordinance which is known as ‘Right to Know Law’ depends on an old debate regarding the cell phone that whether a person can suffer from brain tumor because of mobile phones or not. From the next month, the law will be imposed and the retailers must provide the customers a handout or display which will give the customers information about the radiations which are emitted by the mobile phones and the customers will also be given free suggestions about the use of the phone without any insecurity.

According to the lawyers and clinicians who have been involved in the creation of this new regulation, the objective is to give know-how to the people about the laws which already exist. Joel M. Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health told that it is more risky for the people to put their cell phones in the pockets as the exposure of radiations increase more in that case.

Law requires that the retailers must give the information about all the risks regarding the health of the customers due to the presence of radiations. According to Markowitz, if the cell phone is used for long time, there are very high chances for humans to get brain tumor problem but still there is a debate on that and experts do not admit this statement and they say that there are no evidences yet which means that no such risk is involved in the usage of cell phones.

Many studies have been done on that even a very large study of about 360,000 persons have been done in Denmark and nothing could be found which showed that there is any increase in the number of brain tumor cases because of mobile phones.

Another study named Interphone study which is considered to be the largest study regarding the cell phones and brain tumor issue. More than 7000 diagnosed persons and above 14000 persons who were healthy had been a part of the study and the results of the study showed that there is no link between cell phone usage and brain tumor apart from those who have used phones for at least 1640 hours in their lifetime. The study showed thatpeople with brain tumors might be more likely than healthy people to exaggerate their cell phone use that is why the bond which study shows among the mobile phone usage and tumor risk does not seem real.13 countries were involved in the study including Denmark, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada.

Different studies show the involvement of risk in the phone use but there is no such evidence which tells that there is actually a direct link between both.