Does Apple TV Worth To Be That Expensive?

A new look has been given to the Apple TV and latest features have been added including latest apps and new remote.

The price of this latest Apple TV is kept very high i-e $149 ($199 for 64 GB Model).

Let us see that whether this new device deserves the price which is being asked for it by having a look at the features company is offering keeping in consideration the competition.

  1. Siri

The latest TV now lets you speak with it and it will hear you. What you have to do is to touch the button of its microphone which is on the remote and then you can ask the TV verbally in what you are interested to watch. You can say for example “Show me comedy movies,” “What did he say?” it all will be listened. If you ask the Apple TV the second question, it will go back and closed captioning will be turned on for you. Feature of talking with the Apple TV is not new as many other smart TVs have the option but this is a modified version of the feature.

  1. The touchpad remote

For the navigation of the Apple TV through swipes and signals, glass touch surface is featured in the remote. Apple TV is connected to it with Bluetooth by which you will be able to control the volume of the TV and play video by the help of its Nintendo Wi-like motion sensor and your remote can be used as a pool cue or baseball bat.

Touch surface is specific in the Apple TV but other competitors like Chromecast, Fire TV etc. let you find the programming directly using your smartphone.

  1. Universal Search

Apple TV can search number of apps for you so now a movie will be show on your screen as you search it no matter it is on HBO, Hulu, Netflix or any other number. You are not required to look into every app.

Although it is a great feature but not a novel one as The Roku allows you to search for any movie by its title, director or actor.

  1. Apps & tvOS

This is going to run on tvOS that has the app store belongs to the third party. A set up box will be opened in which the apps, contents or games will be to the third party.

It is the first time Apple allowing third party content similar to the Amazon and Ruku do.

Apple is charging very high as compared to the competitors for example Roku which is the leader in the market begins with $50 and touches $100. It has everything that Apple is offering even the competitors which has less expensive products like Google and Amazon, they are not as strong as Apple TV but the features are also given by them like streaming of the movies, video games etc.

Justice with the money spent on the Apple TV can be done if Apple offers to sell the service of subscription TV.