Drones Attack, Review Of Ces 2015


The annually technology festival which is also called as Consumer Electronic program got the attention of the people of Las Vegas getting the attention of almost 160,000 and above people and 3500 people who were waiting to have a look on discovery of technology, not this year but may be in the years ahead.

The consumer electronics industry is working on a project to attain $211.3 billion in the previous year, up 2% from 2013 according to the consumer electronic program.

CES highlights of US news:

According to FAA drones are the devices which are made of metal rods and can be just used personally. But is not stopping the photographers and property dealers from using these devices.

According to Richard Doherty who is an analyst said “hundreds of drones will be seen at CES”

The technology system that’s similar to the one that is being used in advanced Smartphones — small size chips and sensors — are used in drones to make the easy to use, more cheap in rates and easy to use. Getting all the criticism of the world is not easy and simple thing. Drones are the flying gadgets and we have to learn its use before actually using it.

But according to the manufacturers point of view these new drones are easy to use. Xiong who watch the surfers, skating groups and even the people who are skiers that they are keeping their drones with then when they are enjoying sports.

Most of the Drones work by connecting with a tiny GoPro camera which liked by a number of people who are sports lover. According to Doherty he hopes that GoPro and CES will be together and they will soon come their own one drone that will be having built in camera and he said that GoPro will become the top list drone in 3 months.