Create An Account On Century Link For The Online Billing

The Century Link is the new web portal of the Embar which is fast and effective telecommunication service in the United States of America. It provides the fastest internet speed at a discount price. If you are a registered with your details on the website, you will get, the more offers and the other service packages as they started with the company on your contact address.


The steps which requires to create an account on this website are mentioned below. Follow the steps as given:

  • Open the link in your browser to get the services of the company online.
  • Now, as the link showed the company website, you could find the different offers and the services of the company which they have offered to their customers. To avail these services, you have to create an account as a user on this website. If you are already a member of this page, then through the “log in”option, access your account online for the online checking of your bill payments.
  • Follow the link of the create an account which is given on the page with the tab name “my account”. It contains many options for the user as to check the billing information or to manage other services through the account. You could find the “Create Account” option under the Home Pages and Email tab.
  • Click the option of creating an account as mentioned above to get a new window for the form filling for a new account.
  • The new window will display your email, and login details as it has a new web portal for the customers. You need to click on the “next” button to proceed the registration step.
  • Give the phone number in the new window as it required. The number is associated with your internet connection which you have used for this service.
  • Click the “continue” button to move the next steps.
  • Follow the instructions which are mentioned to complete the account process.

The user who are members of this page, could easily check their payment information from all the previous month details at the end of the month.