Enterprise Awards To Be Given By The University Of Sheffield

Sheffield University has announced the fact that it is doing all it can to shorten the gap between the world of academia and that of enterprise and intends to stage an event for start-up students. It will be a double awards ceremony and there are to be two categories, both of which will bring a financial reward and will highlight the name and company of the people who win.

Announcements will be made regarding the winners at a celebration dinner that is being hosted by the Vice Chancellor and it is expected that there will be hundreds attending the event at Firth Hall that is being sponsored by Santander.

One of the categories is for the best start up business award. This will go to either a current student or one that has graduated within the last five years and they will receive a prize of £5,000. The second will be for the person that the judges decide to be the person who has created the best business concept and the prize for them will be £1,000.

It is a good time for the awards to be held as it is just a week since the University has been named as the best University when it comes to helping with enterprise. It has been praised for the pioneering work that has been carried out in an attempt to give their students the abilities that they need to go out into the world of enterprise and allowing them to be able to cope in their chosen field.

When asked about the initiative, Professor Keith Burnett the Vice Chancellor of the University said that the university had enterprise at its heart and was a continuation of the ethic that education was the way that both students and society could benefit.

It is now more than 100 years that there has been a University in Sheffield and as it was the citizens of Sheffield who were responsible for its creation, it is understandable that the people at the heart of the system now will be pleased to know that the tradition is carrying on. The winner is not only going to benefit themselves but it is bound to be for a project that is about more than just making money.

Mr Burnett went on to say that it was good for the City and the University that the values were being upheld and that it was thanks to the students and staff.