Enterprise Gulped The City Car Club In A Competitive Market

The United Kingdom biggest car sharing company City Car Club, which provide the customers or members its independent car for a specific time at an affordable price has now owned by the Enterprise company which operate in renting a car to their customers. The enterprise is the world biggest company which provide its customers the same services in renting a car. In a competitive market where there are new entrant and big fishes are always trying to gulp each other in competition, the Enterprise has won the battle.

The City Car Club has almost 800 vehicles which are used for hire in a country by the people. Their business is currently establishing in 17 cities around the United Kingdom since 2005. In U.K the more and more population is adopting new techniques of saving their fuel as well as MOT cost by opting in such businesses. They hire cars for hours or days from the car rental companies at an affordable price. Instead of paying other charges or fees and ownership fee. This is the most advance and effective method to save money and time.

With the immense popularity of these rental or hire a car business, now few residents or customers prefer to purchase their own vehicles from any motor companies. It is now rated as the second largest trend after purchase of homes in a country by the Britons of the U.K.

The City Car Club has more than 30,000 registered members which prefer to hire a car from the company at a fixed price like a £2.50 or less for a half hour. It depends on the person usage of the car and the rent is paid according to their usage and hours. According to the company now the car hire business booms the UK and now the motorists could save more than £3,500 in a year through registering themselves as a member in the company.

With the increasing trends of hire a car or rent a car for hours, now many businesses with same purposes enter into the market and increasing competition with raising their rents of hiring a car. One of the big fish in such competitive market is Enterprise, which is soon gulping another big fish City Car Club. The Enterprise is already providing courtesy cars in case of accidents and this trend has already added more dollars to the company account.

On an occasion, the Enterprise owner Brian Swallow exclaimed with joy about their future plans of absorbing the City Car Club business. He said

“This is an uplifting gesture of absorbing the mobility of the rent a car business like Enterprise. This is our highest achievement of owning the City Car Club business and a good way to strengthen our high demand service to private motorists and business who always love to adopt flexible options of travelling”.

On the other hand, the MD of CCC James Finalyson responds that they are hoping that both business collaboration will bring powerful effect in the car rental business. With their collaboration, now the new firm will lead the United Kingdom transport market and will take the growth and profit chart into the next level.