Epson Introducing The New Gadgets: Good News For The Epson Lovers!

At the IFA 2014, Epson launched a few interesting gadgets and interestingly, the newly launched gadgets were not either a printer or a projector for which Epson is famous all around the World. Epson is actually famous for producing projectors and printers as their main products Worldwide.

Epson is the largest projectors and printer manufacturers in the World and they are famous all around the world because of the quality and features of their products. But, at the IFA 2014, we have witnessed many other gadgets other than the projectors and the printers for which Epson is famous all over the world. The newly introduced gadgets are good news for the computer enthusiasts and they are claimed to be as good as their other products like projectors and printers.

Epson Moverio is one of the newly launched gadgets from the Epson and these glasses are the alternate to the Google Glass. The price of the Epson Moverio is about $700 and these glasses are a second version.

In contrast with the Google Glass, the Epson Moverio has a display that is available for each eye and it looks normal. This is an interesting thing as compared to the Google Glass. The Android 4.0 is used in the glasses and the movement of the head is inspired by the Oculus Rift system.

Another thing that makes the Epson Moverio interesting is that it also has a video camera and while recording, it will worn you with an LED that was not offered by the Google Glass.

At the IFA 2014, Epson also launched the other gadgets like the Epson Smart Watches. But for now, the Smart Watches will only display the information about the travelled distance, time and the pulse rate measurement.

The new lot of the gadgets introduced by the Epson is especially designed for the athletes or the amateurs who are passionate about the hiking or those who are trying to establish a work rhythm. There is also another interesting introduction that is known as the Smartband, but its functions are currently not known.

So, for all the Epson lovers, this is great news and now they are all set to use the entire new range of some interesting gadgets. The question is what response the new lot of gadgets will get from its users. Only time will tell!