Facebook – A Major Source Of News

No one can deny the increased use of Facebook since almost last decade which has brought people together on one platform where they can share everything with others. People not only started using it to interact with their own friends but also used it as a source of business and its publicity.

Facebook has become a big source of news now a days. Moreover, there were nine news organizations which began to post their news directly on the Facebook. So Facebook is now getting news straight away from the news organizations rather than through the posts of other users. If last few years are taken into consideration, it will be clearly evident that Facebook has been used as a huge source of publishing the news. Even the biggest competitor of Facebook which is Twitter has no comparison yet with the Facebook regarding the news sharing. Running at the same pace, Facebook will enter into a different world very soon where the role of Facebook will be very different as compared to today.

A study has been done to know about the thinking of people of different generations. For example according to the Millennials who are of ages between 18 and 33, they found half of the posts on Facebook related to government and politics in which they do not take much interest. Some findings of the Pew’s study are shared here, according to which there are 61 percent Millennials who ho use internet and receive news about the politics through Facebook. Gen Xers who are in the age group of 33 to 50, are less than Millennials with the same thinking and study showed that 51 percent of the Gen Xers get their political news from Facebook while only 37 percent of the Baby Boomers (aged between 50-68) considers Facebook the source of political news.

So, there are larger number of Millennials as compared to the Boomers and Gen Xers who thinks that they are getting the government related news from that particular source. If the interest of the Millennials is seen for such kinds of news, it will look frustrating for them as only 26 percent of them have put government and politics in their three most favorite topics. Results were different in case of others as there 34 percent Gen Xers and 45 percent Baby Boomers who put the politics and government in the three topics of their top interest.

Another interesting thing in the survey was that Millennials usually trust CNN for such news as there were 60 percent millennials found in the survey who only trust CNN to get the government related news. All of these results came from the study which was based on the online survey conducted a month ago.