Facebook Added The New Feature With “Like” Button

Facebook has added some emotions with the “Like” button and these of reactions and emojis are now allowed to be used by the users of Facebook in Spain and Ireland. You can find a heart to show the love, a fierce face to express the anger, a sad face with tears, a surprised and an open mouthed Haha laugh along with a Yay reaction with closed eyes.

The name given to this latest feature by Facebook is “Reactions”. Chris Cox the Product Manager at Facebook told that the team had done a research over the emotions or reactions that are being used most commonly to express the emotions on the Facebook by the users. Then it was decided and designed in a way to add such emojis and smileys to make the experience of the users more elegant.

Earlier, an announcement was made by the CEO of the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg about the “Dislike” button which was in the considerations of the company to launch. The format of the button was not disclosed by the CEO as he just mentioned that the company was working on it and it would be launched very soon. It is not a dislike button but it would address that in a wider way and people are surely going to like that feature, said by the Product Manager.

Mark Zuckerberg explained further about the feature that no doubt the company announced about the dislike button and users also had demanded for that but the social media website cannot be made a place which is used by the people for the voting of the posts up or down.

The main objective of introducing such emojis was to let the users show empathy towards the friends on Facebook who would not feel comfortable in just clicking on “Like” button for a status which is about someone’s grievances. Now, the users can express their feeling in a better way

For example a status is shared regarding the crises of refugees or if someone tells about the death of a family member, then one would not be able to express the real emotions on that particular post.

According to Zuckerberg, now Facebook will have an experiment over these reactions and emotions and then decide that what needs to be improved and after a positive response from the people of Ireland and Spain, all the users of Facebook will get access to this new feature