Facebook Aid For The Nepal Earthquake Victims

On Friday, a massive earthquake hit the Nepal, India and Bangladesh with the vector scale of 7.8. Since then the biggest social website Facebook has urged its users who are in million registered on the website to join hands in support of the victims who are suffering in the land of the Nepal. They have promised that the every dollar which they would donate to the victims of the Nepal would be more than $2 million.

The scheme is idealized to inform all the people who are registered on the social site to get the message of the donation on their news feed as a promotional campaign for the victims. Anyone, who wants to help the victims could donate them to the charity which would be handled by the International Corps of the Medical.

The emergency response teams of the IMC have the operating medical unites for the mobile which are located in the Nepal, Bangladesh and India. They provide the victims with the medicines and the medical care which is affected by the earthquake in the region. Such shocks have damages the telecommunication and the other services in the country. The death rates and the damages of the buildings are unpredictable. The debris of the collapse buildings is scattered in the whole country. At such critical moment, the companies like Google and the Facebook are offering best services as an aid to the victims and their families.

Both the largest earned profitable companies have joined hands for introducing the Finder option and the donation for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. With this service, the friends and the relatives of the victims could inform about the people who are lost due to the earthquake in the world.

The many health aids in the country are now damaged due to this natural hazard in the country. The country need the supply of the antibiotics and fluids which are rich in the IV for the victims of the earthquake. The different countries are providing the emergency treatments, medical facilities and the other services to the Nepal.

With the Facebook aid, their distribution of the funds in the rescue organizations and the local reliefs are appreciable. They are working to give the quick and relief services in the country. With the donation plan by using the powerful social platform, they are playing vital role in providing the best heath and donation services in the country.

With the “Donate” feature, the Facebook users could enable to indicate the most secure check on the website which is used as the tool for the “Safety Check”.

The benefit of this tool is that the users which are part of this affected area will receive the notifications from their Facebook account to confirm their survival and the whereabouts to the friends and relatives who are part of this social website too.

On the Monday afternoon, it is said that the million users, which are residing in the India, Nepal and Bhutan are safe and their status, which confirm their safety are shared by the million users who are part of this country.