Facebook Allows You To Run A Privacy Checkup On Your Profile

Facebook has just announced that it will be expanding to all users its Privacy Checkup feature, a privacy setup tool which features a cartoon dinosaur that was introduced early this year. The company said that its users will notice an alert pop up on their news feed in the coming days that will remind them to run a quick check on their privacy settings.

It has been an issue between Facebook and most of its users for so long about the company’s take on privacy, with the users feeling that Facebook privacy has changed too much in the past.

With the changes in the privacy settings this the company rolled out this spring, some features were introduced such as the ability to select more precise audience. When you post something on Facebook, you’ll be able to select a more specific audience with whom you want to share your post with.

Another part of the new features is the ability to mark your old cover photos as private. Before this update, cover photos were automatically set on public by default. Facebook explained that it makes use of this information, along with your name and profile photo, to help differentiate one user from another. Now, users are able to hide or make private their cover photos.

Facebook also introduced a new privacy setting pop-up. It’s a pop-up notification that prompts users who have not reviewed their settings whether they’d want their posts to be shared either to their friends or public by default or choose another specific setting.

It’s not common for Facebook to get into users’ news feeds with a maintenance message. However, after the company introduced its privacy checkup, majority of the users who tested the feature completed the program to customize their privacy settings.

In the company’s blog post, Facebook’s product manager Paddy Underwood said that they know their users use the social network to connect with their friends and not with the company. He also added that they know the importance of being in “control of what you share” and who you want to share it with.

The privacy checkup also guides users through the settings on who can see what they do with apps that connect with Facebook, such as Candy Crush Saga and Spotify.

Privacy is an important matter for all Facebook users and it’s one of the things that they mostly complained about. One complaint even resulted in a settlement with the FTC over privacy policy changes. However, for the past months, Facebook has done several things to show its users how to change their settings. The company also gives users more control over what they share with other and what they see on their news feed.

When the company first announced the Privacy Checkup feature, Facebook said that it conducts more than 80 trillion privacy checks every day.

To check if you already have the checkup tool, just click on the lock icon found in the upper-right hand corner of Facebook. You should be seeing a purple dinosaur icon next to the top option, which is labeled as Privacy Checkup.