Facebook And Google Launched Emergency Tools For Nepal Earth Quake Victims

On Friday, the massive earthquake hit the countries like Bangladesh, India and Nepal with the highest scale. Despite, the fewer deaths and the damages are noticed in the India and Bangladesh, but the massive damages and death rate raised in the Nepal. Various people collapsed under the buildings. The earth quake was noticed as the 7.8 magnitude in the Nepal.

On such horrible situation, where various countries are aiding the victims of the Nepal, the biggest search engine Google and the largest social site Facebook, join hands to provide the emergency tools to the people of the world in finding their loved ones who are missed due to this severe natural hazard in the country. They have launched the respective emergency tool through which you could find the missing persons.

The Google’s Person Finder, was first introduced in the year 2010, when the earthquake in the Haiti hit the city. Formerly, the users of the SMS services which allow the user to search anyone or could update the information of the missing persons who suffered from this natural hazard.

This finder service, is launched in the different languages, for all the users. This innovation was started after the earthquake in the Japan in the year 2011. Through this successful tool, it has almost 5300 data about the missing persons which could be located easily after the natural disasters in the country. Anyone could take part in such tool to help the friends and families in the Nepal by reporting about the persons and the other related information to the NGO’sor the other related authorities in the Kathmandu,which is the Nepal capital. This would be much helpful for recovery of the survival as well as the death rates in the country. Also, it could inform about the missing persons to recover the operations.

The records could initiate the health of a earthquake victims, or could be informed about the missing persons which are found anywhere in the country after the natural hazards.

Considering the serious issue in the Nepal, now Google has invited first responders to take help through the Person Finder and share the related information which could be gathered through the sources. The developers of the website could customize this tool for this purpose, according to their searching requirements for the missing persons.

Due to this tragedy, Dan Fredinburg, the executive of the Google, has died in this earthquake while climbing in the world largest mountain Mount Everest. He was among those climbers who are on the mission to climb the Everest. The death report of the DAN was shared by the Megan, who is his sister.

The largest social website has also launched a Safety Check tool, which help its users to check their network of friends and family on the Facebook after the Nepal earthquake.

Through this amazing tool, the user could send a notification to anyone automatically. This would be received by those who have GPS data. Their profiles would be checked through the GPS if they are staying in an affected area. The tool will require to update the status of their Safety Check.