Facebook and Third Party Application Developers Planning Big for Users

On March 22nd, 2015, the world biggest social site Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg invited all the world application developers in San Francisco press conference called as F8. The basic agenda of this conference is to provide the Facebook users, more effective and innovative features on the Messenger. At the F8 conference all kinds of developers should participate with their new ideas which give this website profit new level of competitive world. The company want to add an innovative and creative new service which helps the brands to get an idea whether their product ads are attractive enough for the users to download them as an app on their mobile or computer devices. If this idea works, then Facebook could win the battle against the Twitter and other ads on the internet.

The social site is also focusing on One Stop Shop concept, where users could not buy all kinds of products at an affordable price, but also the advertisers could buy the ads for their mobile and desktop around the world web. The company has open much cool stuff for their Messengers and welcome all more innovative ideas from the developers and mix with their own ideas for the chat service provided by the social site. The new application should be as much creative and captivating as this social website that users hardly find time to quit this amazing app.

According to the news, they are trying to add interesting features which ease the users life much more than ever before. They could now book their tickets, handle their room locks, bill payment, AC or other activities through this service.

The website wants to win the battle in the competitive world where various other chat messengers are splashing and grab the users with unique and interesting features. The app like SnapChat and WeChat are top of the list. These two apps not only allow its users to send messages, but they could also use for their online shopping on the website. This app also helps to schedule the user chat which is hard to miss.

The purpose of this new idea is to provide its users a good platform which allow other apps to be downloaded with the Facebook Messenger. For example, If a person need to post their images on the Facebook for friends or family share, they could also use an editing app for the image may which allow the users to edit their photos with many alluring effect, tools and other attractive editing features before posting on their walls or on the Messenger.

For many years, the Facebook has become the technological powerhouse in every corner of the world with their bulk of sales advertisements and profits which are blistering.

According to the last year profit report of this social site, its sales are increasing with much higher percent like 60 % to 12.5 billion. The daily login user ratio on this largest social website is almost 900 million and it is enough to make it influential company on the world wide web.