Facebook Brought Changes In The Icons To Remove The Gender Difference

Facebook has over 1.4 billion users who are actively using it and they would adore the changes if any are made by the mostly used social website officials. Recently the design of the logo of Facebook was changed which had very slight changes and are not much noticeable for the common users but a change in the “Friends” icon of the Facebook is prominent.

The change in the icon has been done to remove the gender differences. “Friends” icon which is present at the upper right corner of the page has a male shadow with a female one. Earlier both were designed in a way that male silhouette was in front of the female shadow which was also shorter in size. Now this old icon has been replaced by a new one in which both male and female silhouette are of designed with a same size and the woman has given more prominence by bringing her in front of the man.

Also s slight changing in the group icon has also been made and a woman is brought between two men in the new icon which is replaced by the icon in which a man was present between another man and a woman.

Design Manager of Facebook, Caitlin Winner cleared the fact that the gender discrepancy was seen in which male icon was symmetrical but there was a chip in the shoulder of woman which was showing that the man is placed in front of the woman. In both of the icons, the hair of the men and women were also updated but the real and prominent change was regarding the place of the women in both the icons.

Designer Winner was not so confident that this change will be accepted by everyone and she might have to face some criticism hut things happened differently and the changes in the new icons have been seen in the new products of the company and the implementation of the changes have been found all over the world.

Facebook which has to face the criticism regarding the hiring of women as well will also be considered going in the better direction now. Company diversity report of 2014 showed that there were 69 percent men which are the part of its global work team although in 2015 it has improved and the presence of men in the global team has decreased to 68 %. But if senior management positions and global tech are taken into consideration, they have 77% and 84% men respectively.

The number of male employees show that still Facebook has to do some work on that which has also been admitted by Maxine Williams, Facebook’s global director of diversity.