Facebook: China And Other Investors, Showing Off The Global Technology!

In the month of September, file display of 2014, Alibaba got Jack Ma increased ceremonial mallet before getting a ring during the firm’s IPO at the NYC stock market.

We gave here the signals that Facebook was suitable to get over IBM in the year 2014 among the top category of most demanding firms in the universe. It reached that level after getting shares of social networking in form of Facebook surged almost 44%and stocking of IBM decreased 13% previous year.

But the beneficial step up of Facebook wasn’t the great hit in the stock market between the 20 most valued technology companies.

At the end of the year in the stock market there were two valued stories of technology investors in 2014.

The story on top was the strength of paying stocks that are divided into various companies like apple, Intel and Microsoft etc

The second shift in rank was at a distance from US internet companies and at the side of their Chinese enemies.

The high ranking in market helped to move the value of the world’s 20 most valuable technology firms to get a level to 870 billion dollars.

The 20 global technology stocks that are valued in the market are now having a worth of almost 3.6 trillion dollars.

As they are categorized by the change in the market the company Apple increased its numbers of customers in 2014.

The investors that were spending on Apple Company last 12 months got a big sum of 253 billion dollars.

The giant led that is made by China and got the leadership of CEO ranked highest stock offers in the history.

At the end of 2014 Alibaba came to a stop point as the fourth top company of the world with the marketing range of almost 251 billion dollars.

Facebook did its closing previous year on number 5 rank having the value of almost 215 billion dollars, just before Oracle and Verizon as well as it was also ahead from IBM that moved from number four to eleven.

Facebook has to face a loss of almost 13%, removing almost 21 billion dollars. Revenue development on the giant on internet surfing is now low than half of the facebook, its main enemy in the market of online advertising.

The shareholders of Amazon had to face more loss as its stocks got low to 22% that was among 20 big technology companies.

The online dealers of very low profit margins were lost because of spending huge sums on products from drones to the real programming.

After wasting 31 billion dollars in the market the company that was settled in Seattle came to end previous year with 141 billion dollars and almost 12th rank.

Don’t be upset for HP shareholders as they value of their shares increased almost 48% that was the best performance in the ranking.

The giants of both the printers and PCs came to an end at the cost of 75 billion dollars and the position of 18 in the listing.

Microsoft (MSFT) shareholders also scored great as investors appreciated what they heard from the CEO.