Facebook Is Going To Launch The Dislike Button

So, finally Facebook has decided to make a “Dislike” button. It is still not clear that what is going to be the format for the button but it has been while that the concept is in consideration of the company and it has been working on it and it is going to be rolled out very soon.

CEO of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg during the Q&A at the headquarters of the company said that the new idea is in progress of implementation and the time is not so far when the testing of this new button will be done and it will be rolled out more broadly, reliant on how that does.

Zuckerberg told that sometimes the things which seems very easy to be made are in actually very complicated but as from the last few years, the demand for a dislike button is coming from the users, now Facebook is ready to do that. Company has always been hesitating to introduce such button but now as the demand of the people has been increasing, so the company realized that it is the requirement that they want to express their feelings about a post that seems unpleasant to them and it needs to be fulfilled.

The objective of the button is to let people show empathy towards and unpleasant event for example if there is a sad post being shared like about the passing away of a family member or some refuge crises, in such a situation you cannot like the post therefore the dislike button is going to be of great importance now.

It is necessary that your friends must be given the chance to share what is actually being felt according to the situation rather than just clicking on the like button.

The company, for launching this latest sentiment option, has been very careful as the concern for them was the way this button can be used. Facebook has no intention to make a dislike button only that would result into the creation of a forum where users are engaged in the voting at the posts other share.

Mark Zuckerberg has been named as the strongest individual in the business and media and during the live Q&A at the company’s headquarters, said that an opportunity has come to him through which the Facebook is going to be updated and give an evidence of company’s commitment for bringing something new for the users.