Facebook made Announcement of Its New Logo

Facebook has changed the design of its logo after 2005 which are very hard to get recognized as the slight changes were done in that. Although changes are of unnoticeable nature but the change has significance. The logo has still the same favicon i-e its ‘f’ icon and the entire word is written in lowercase with the same blue and white colors. The new letters in new logo are thinner than the older one and the letters have more space and it has been tried to give a simpler and more physical look. The announcement of the logo with a new design was made by Christophe Tauziet who is the product designer at Facebook who exhibited an image of the new logo on twitter.

What are the changes?

The slight changes in the Facebook logo consist of its ‘e’ and ‘e’ which have been made rounder in shape, ‘b’ has been given a more traditional look and its ‘a’ which has the most prominent difference compared to the previous logo with a single story look.

The logo is important due to the focus on making it modernize and more friendly and making it work better on mobile phones. The original logo which was named as Klavika which had squared off and thicker letters. The design of the logo at that was made taking into consideration the desktops. That was running smoothly on the desktops but when it was getting common to be used on mobiles, then it looked dated in them.

New logo has been given new custom typeface features which include the high visibility of favicon. The logo which has been redesigned can be looked only where the complete word “Facebook” is visible for example the main website of the “Facebook”. On the other hand, only the ‘f’ favicon will be visible to the users. The new look of the logo seems to have no use to the users on the computers but it has great importance for the mobile users as this change will allow them to read it easily on the small screens.

Mobile phones were not as common as they are when the Facebook started and Facebook was only used on the computers, therefore it was not much important that how it looks on mobile but now use of smartphones and tablets has increased and they have become so common among the users due to which most of them prefer the use of internet and Facebook on the mobile rather than web browsing. Smartphone have provided convenience for everyone and it has become very significant and it is necessary to give the mobile user s a newer and better look to make the Facebook more attractive.