According to the report of Facebook it had to face a problem created on its own which took an hour to get rid off and because of it this website was not easily in use of the people all over the world.

This problem was being reported by many countries that were facing problem in accessing Facebook. These countries include Asia, US, United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries. The application of Facebook was not working anywhere in the smart devices. Along with Facebook, Instagram that is known as the social giant was also out of the reach of the people.

In the statement that was given by Facebook to the newspaper that at the beginning many people were feeling difficulty in reaching Instagram and Facebook. This was not due to the attack of any websites.

This was not due to the attack of any third party but it happened after the change was introduced that was affecting the system. They were taking all the precautionary steps at that time in order to fix this problem and provide the service to the people in their perfect 100% form.

However a group by the name of Lizard Squard that is on list for terrorism and attention seeking purpose took the responsibility on the website of twitter for this problem.

The tries of the people to attain the access to both these websites which is the property of Facebook over a number of sites had returned under the title of no availability of the webpage as well as the server is not responding message is also available of the site.

The application which is for dating by the name of Tinder and depends on Facebook, in order to provide its service was also affected. According to a spokesman who works their said that they are aware of the problem that the people are facing and we are trying to sort out as soon as possible.

As soon as the service of the Facebook was resumed it started showing the older updates as well as the new one along with them.

The loss of the service of Facebook was a great outrage and it created too much annoyance among the people when it was going low for almost 2 and half hour. There are almost 1.36 billion people who are the active users of Facebook and the site of Instagram is having almost 300 million users.

The users of the Facebook and Instagram were quite depressed when they were not able to gain access to Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with their usual routine of posting and surfing different pages and links on Facebook and they were quite satisfied and excited when they came to know about the recovery process of Facebook and Instagram.