Facebook: Over 200M ‘Say Thanks’ Videos Created By The Users!

If you say you don’t know what Facebook is, then this thing is not at all acceptable for anyone. Almost every single individual has his Facebook profile and it is popular among the all age groups and is the number one social media network today without any uncertainty.

The huge number of the Facebook users have been found saying thanks to their friends and the loved ones this holiday by the ‘Say Thanks’ videos and they seems eager for this way to say thanks to their loved ones over the Facebook.

According to the Social media giant “Facebook”, over 200 million Facebook users have created and shared the ‘Say Thanks’ videos this holiday and they were quite eager to say thanks to their loved ones in this new style”. A number users have found creating the ‘Say Thanks’ video more than once.

The new service is allowing the Facebook users to create the video cards by combining the pictures and music to say thanks to their loved ones on the Facebook.

According to the reports, 3.3 millions videos were created by the Facebook users per hour during the peak usage. It is really a high percentage of creating the videos in an hour.

In the list of the top countries where the users have been creating the ‘Say Thanks’ videos in less time, Brazil is on top. At the second number in this list, there is United States. After that, Mexico is at number 3rd followed by the Philippines and the Thailand.

The remaining ones in the top 10 list there is Italy at the number six, Turkey at number seven, Argentina at number eight, India at ninth and the United Kingdom is at the number 10 to complete the top 10 list.

Well the great service ‘Say Thanks’ is available both for the mobiles and the desktop and the user has been allowed to choose multiple or a single friend, and then he can create the video by using the multiple pictures with a personalized text message for the one the video has been created.

The video can then be live after it has been create by the user in the timeline of the one who has created the video and also to the tagged friends.

So, the new ‘Say Thanks’ video is rocking the Facebook world and a large number of the Facebook users have been found eager for creating the ‘Say Thanks’ videos for their loved ones and the friends on the Facebook.

The new service is very popular these days on the giant social media network and a huge number of the Facebook users have been using this service. The service is just simple to use but it has got the best excitement for the users.

You can try today the new service by the Facebook if you have not tried this yet. It is just simple and easy to create to wish your loved ones this holiday.