Facebook Users Consider That Town Map Is Shaped Like A Penis And Aims To Increase Tourism May Fail.

 Berkhamsted in Hampshire is eager to get more people to come and visit them and have turned to social media to help them. A map has been created and put online but the first impression of many viewers is that they are looking at a picture of a penis. The town has certainly been noticed now, but not in the way that it was hoped.

The town’s main attractions are shown – the train station, castle and Grand Union Canal, but it is the shape that is getting the most attention from viewers of the Canal and River Trust map. There have been a number of comments made and not all of them have been helpful.

Although the map is correct, it does have a phallic shape yet this did not prevent a representative of one of the breweries that is on the canal from describing the map as a “great graphic” there have been rather more juvenile reactions with one user of Facebook being quoted as saying “It looks like a willy tee hee!!”

There has been an element of acceptance that there could be a problem and a representative of the Canal And River Trust has admitted that they had been “a bit naïve” as they did not notice that the shape could be mistaken for something else. The story has been picked up by Twitter and users are pointing others in the direction of the map.

Berkhamsted has an impressive history as it was the site where the Duke of Normandy oversaw the surrender of the English in 1066 and is just one of the many maps that have been designed by the Canal and River Trust in recent years, but it is likely that to this generation it could become known as the town that is shaped like a penis.

Simon Salem speaking on behalf of the trust admitted that they had not noticed that the map was this shape until someone mentioned it to them. He also admitted that this was something that should have been picked up by their company before it was released and available for view by the public.

The Mayor of Berkhamsted Peter Mattthews has said that they welcome all attempts to increase visitor numbers, but that they had no control over the publication.

It may not be the sort of advertising that Berkkamsted wanted but they are certainly getting the towns name into the news.