Facebook Violating The Law Of Privacy By Tracking The Non-Users Account

On Thursday, the new splash on the Tv screen, against the biggest social website Facebook, that it is violating its own privacy law by tracking the non-users account on the social websites. The case was filed against the authorities of the Facebook, by the Belgian authorities which are responsible for controlling the data of the their customers. According to the report, The Facebook is breaching the data privacy law of Europe and it is illegal as how Facebook could check the user data and could be used in multiple times for their own purpose. In a response the Facebook admitted that they are tracking the users and using their account information to control the bug which could be created when the user is not much active on the social site from their registered accounts. They claimed that the bug which are generated in the non user account is now fixed and the privacy of the user is not violated.

In a media press, Facebook Vice president, Mr.Allan cleared the air that :

“The researchers of the Facebook find a bug that could be sent cookies to other people account when they are not much active on the Facebook. Tracking users’ information was not our intention. We need to fix a bug which could be generated on such accounts and still working on it.”

The Vice president shoed the list of the eight claims which is reported by the researchers of the ICRI, Smit and the Cosic. But Facebook didn’t include all the claims which they reported against this case. According to the report missed claim ““there’s no way to opt out of social ads” while the report is clearly claiming that the user couldn’t be an opt out if they want to appear in the Social Ads posted by the third party of business on the social site.

On the other hand, Facebook also clashed with the Belgian authorities about the exact definition of the tracking which is considered by the Facebook in getting the user information and violating the law of privacy with this act.

Allan claimed that Facebook is not violating the privacy law and believe in the standardized web impression or browsing of the website to get the information. When the people visit the website with their integrations and plugins, the Beligam are calling it tracking which has changed the meaning of the actions which took from the security of the non active users to control bugs on their account. The company uses this information to protect the account as we care for the safety and the privacy of the users which are registered on the biggest social site on the internet which is quite unusual in other companies. The social website is free from all the third party acts and the cookies which are used on this website are to provide the security. Moreover, the ads and the personalization which is published on the website are also used under the privacy law.