Facts You Need To Know About Facebook’s Messenger App

Facebook has required it users to download the messenger app to send and receive messages from one’s friends list.

This action has gotten the ire of many of its users, especially because a lot of rumors meant to demean the app and the company has been circulating since then. One malicious rumor that was the center of the users’ disappointment is that the messenger app is supposedly stealing the users’ data.

Also, according to rumors, Facebook is also using your phone’s camera and microphone to see and listen to what you’re doing and saying all the time. Because some people tend to believe anything that they found online, these rumors quickly spread at the expense of the messenger app’s credibility.

Recently, Facebook finally speaks out to defend its messenger app from angered fans. In a statement, the company addressed the rumors that have been concerning some people by saying that the reports are not true.

Now that the social network giant has spoken up, we decided to list down the rumors, myths if you may, and debunk them by including facts about the app.

Myth: There’s no other way to send and receive messages from your friends if you don’t download the app.

Fact: This myth is partly true. While you really need to download Facebook’s messenger app if you’re using the social media on your iPhone or Android devices, it’s still possible to avoid this by using Facebook on your desktop or computer, iPad, or if you use the social network’s mobile site.

Myth: The messenger app has different terms of services than Facebook’s official terms.

Fact: The social network has the same terms of service for all of its mobile apps. What people find sketchy is the list of permissions they read when downloading and installing the app. It’s a list that asks for permission to access features on your phone such as contacts, location data, and calendar, among other things. That’s a lot of personal information but you have to remember that those are the same data most messaging apps you use have access to.

Myth: Your phone’s camera and microphone are being used to record you.

Fact: According to Facebook’s official statement, the only time they need to use your camera is whenever you send a photo to a friend. Moreover, they use the microphone for certain features such as sending voice messages and making calls and videos. The company also insisted that they don’t turn on your phone’s camera and microphone when you’re not using the app.

Myth: The Messenger app will send SMS messages without your permission.

Fact: While according to the list, Facebook can edit, receive, read and send SMS messages, the company says that the reason for this is that if a user adds a phone number to his account, he can confirm the number by a confirmation code that Facebook will send via SMS. Another false idea many users think is that the messenger app is new. Facebook’s messenger app has actually been around since 2011 but it’s just recently that they started requiring users to download the app.