Failures Of The Social Media, A Disappointing Situation For Investors

In the most advanced century, where people are becoming slaves of the social sites with the addiction create many problems mentally and daily life.

According to the last year profit chart of the social sites, Facebook was at the top of the list, which excite the investors by purchasing more shares in the market. The big players of the social sites are Facebook, Twitter and Yelp are ruling in the competitive market. They are coming with the new and interesting features to maintain their positions. But Twitter and Yelp failed to earn the best earnings through their new features and the million users.

Last week, in a competitive market LinkedIn and Twitter were in the stock market news with the unexpectedly low earning chart and the share prices goes down had disappointed the investors. The Yelp, which is hardly recognized as the social media site, has issued their earnings reports. The data to these websites regarding the user are awful. According to the investors of these companies, the stock prices go tremendously low as they have issued their profit reports. While the Facebook is reaching sky in the earnings of their profits, which could be observed through their financial report which was issued late April.

The Twitter’s quarterly revenues were much lower that expected by the analysts. In a report conducted on the failures of the Twitter, it has only 302 million users, which are active since the start of the year 2015. The analysts were expecting more active members of this social site, as the Twitter has changed their timeline settings to grab the more users. In other words, Twitter failed to get more users in a quick span of time, which severely effect on its earning chart.The CEO of the Twitter Mr.Dick Costolo hopes to cope with the failures of the Twitter in the coming years by improving their website and the products to get back all the old users to their website. The website is working to bring a drastic change, according to the expectations of the users, but the loss of million users is not easy to overcome at this stage.

On the other hand, the biggest job portal and the social website LinkedIn are now disappointing its users and the investors. The website is losing its users day by day, which is a serious blow to the earnings report of the LinkedIn. According to the latest survey, the company has failed to give the users the valid base number since the start of the year 2015. This social site has almost 350 million users, and it is expected that it would be 362 million at the end of the year.

The Yelp is in the worst condition in the earnings of its profit as compare to the Twitter and LinkedIn. The users of this site have increased only 8%, which means it acquire 143 million users in the year 2015. This is a 30% decline in the number of the active users as compared to the previous years.