Fans Are Free to Bring The Phones First Time in U.S. Open But Are Not Allowed To Use Periscope

This will be the first time in 115th U.S Open (Golf) that fans will be allowed to bring their cell phones with them during the tournament but U.S. Golf Association has warned that people should be aware of one thing that phones must not ring in the middle of shot which would be disturbing for the golfers and they could miss the shots due to the distraction caused by that.

Apart from the ringing of the phones, people are not allowed to use the Periscope software. Periscope is an app which allows people to make videos that are on live streaming and everyone can watch them. Along with the Periscope, U.S. Golf Association has forbidden the people to use Facebook and Twitter as well where they post the videos of the golfers. They will keep an eye on the fans who use such apps. People who are caught doing so would be thrown out of the tournament.

The reason of stopping them from this act is that there are three channels who are already providing live streaming which is a much better source to watch the matches. So, fans should let them do their job and it is better not to post any video to avoid the humiliation of being banished out of the tournament. Big amounts of money are paid to the broadcasters by all the sports leagues through which people can watch the games but only Golf Association is the one which discourages the people from posting and streaming the videos.

USGA is not only controlling the fans but also the journalist are not allowed to make videos during the tournament. A journalist, Stephanie Wie recently shot a video of around two minutes of Jordan Spieth while he was practicing and posted that. She supported her act with an argument that the video posted was a different and rare which people liked more as the fans enjoy to watch their players in different and relaxed situation.

Along with the journalist Wie, golfers themselves are involved in making their own videos during the practice sessions and posting them. That was told by the champion of 2010 U.S. Open Graeme McDowell to the media that he and other golfers have used the Periscope to post their own videos, the response of the fans to which was good who liked and appreciated those videos and U.S. Golf Association has not yet said anything against that post to them.

It is appreciative step by USGA to let the people bring their phones with them first time and on the other hand, USGA is also taking care of the rights of broadcasters by stopping the fans from posting the videos on Periscope or other websites. So, people found to be using such apps would not be allowed to sit there to watch the tournament anymore.