First Laptop Of Microsoft Has Been Launched

Microsoft has first time launched a laptop that’s has been unveiled on Tuesday. It was told by the company during the aps years that the replacement of the surface tablets of Microsoft with traditional laptops is possible and now Microsoft Surface Book has been launched by the company that looks similar to a MacBook. The working of this Surface Book is very interesting and you will love it.

The highlighting part of the Surface Book is that you can use it as a laptop as well as a tablet. The display screen can be snapped at the back side of the keyboard because of the addition of the new mechanical hinge and in this way, it can act as a clipboard.

It will not be wrong if we say that the Surface Book is a Surface tablet in which a keyboard has been added. Intel Core i5 or i7 processors are included in the monitor of the Surface Book while to enhance the level of performance of the laptop, graphic processing unit has been added in the base of the keyboard. Three fourth of the battery of the laptop is stored in the keyboard and according to the company, you can use it for 12 hours if you have charged the battery full.

It is a robust device and the weight of the tablet part of the device is 1.6 pounds while the entire unit is measured as 3.5 pounds. Microsoft has announced that it is going to be available for sale from October 26. The 13-inch Surface Book will have a cost of $1499.

Microsoft has not only launched the Surface Book on Tuesday, rather the latest Surface Pro along with 2 Lumia smart phones were also the part of the launching ceremony. All of them are actually the products that have Windows 10.

The display size of the Surface Pro 4 is bigger that is 12.3 inches. The associated keyboard has been added with a bigger keyboard, fingerprint reader and a keyboard that is expected to give better performance. With all such upgrades, another upgrade is done in the stylus which will have the battery life for one year. The attachment of the stylus with the Surface Pro 4 is done magnetically. There is also a digital eraser present on the other side of the pen.

Apart from the Surface Book and Surface Pro, two Lumia phones, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL have been launched with more features which will act as computers of pocket size having Windows 10.