Five Big Android Applications For The Children!

If you or your family is having any new Android device, either tablet or iPad, you must be searching for a perfect application as a starter for your children.

The starter application is the one that you want to use to make your child confident that he or she started with the best possible way and not something temporary. These introductory applications set the goal that what are the expectations of the child to move ahead.

For this purpose the age of your child is the main thing to be noticed. By keeping view the abilities of different people they are divided into two categories by keeping in view their age. The iOS owners, applications are available on our devices too.


The key to success at this early age is to find such exciting applications in which failure isn’t a possible option.


This game is best for the children of ages between 2 to 5 and can be played on Android, iPhone, iPod or an iPad. It’s rating in 4 out of 4.

In this storybook application children meet Farmer Jo, who needs a helping hand for counting her farm house animals. Given in the form of an inviting pop-up book, this game excites players to tap each cute animal to hear and see it in the counted list of animals. The book starts with one cow and finishes with 10 hens.

This came skillfully teaches the counting by the tracking of the touches by the kid, counting loudly showing the digits and showing the numerical value on an abacus. There are some magic tricks in the game as well which makes the children excited when they are playing the game.

Beck & Bo:

It’s also best for the ages between 2 to 5 and can be played on all smart devices in just 2.99 dollars. Two siblings in the game invite the kids in different adventures and they go to a number of places.

During every new adventure, objects float downward into the scene and it’s up to the player to find out everything in proper order.

FOR AGES 6-12:

These applications present the power of the device to provide play experiences and for the kids of this age it is having many attractive puzzles.

Color Zen Kids:

It is best for ages 6 and above. It can be played on any smart device in just 1.99 dollars. Its rating is 4 stars.

It is a set of puzzles for the children study that is filled with colorful scene with animals to find our which color is of the animal. The colors of the background keep on changing and the players cut them to match with the exact animal.

Heads Up:

It is the game for ages from 6 and above. It is free and can be played on iPhones, iPad, Android etc. It’s a game similar to charades and it can be played by many people at a single time. Kids play it mostly with a group of friends of family as one of them holds the device above the head while all the other try to act, so the player can say the right word.

World of Goo:

2D BOY and its best for ages 8-up. It can be available in 4.99 dollars. It’s also going on 4 rating. It is about the world of goo that join together to make different structures. Each puzzle forms a unique structure.