Flash Has Been Blocked By Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the web browsers used for the Windows, Linux and for Android mobiles developed by Mozilla Foundation. On Monday, by default Mozilla blocked Flash in its browser. It was done because the security chief of Facebook called a day earlier that Adobe should eradicate the Flash permanently. Cause of the bashing of Flash was that it was being targeted for hacking the computers of people and then infecting them with a malware. This capturing of the computers was done by a spyware giant called “Hacking team”. The incident came to knowledge of everyone when Hacking team itself was attacked and some hacked it.

It was discovered that manipulation of two critical vulnerabilities in the Flash’s code was done by Hacking Team. Facebook security chief Alex Stamos criticized the act and said that Adobe should remove the Flash forever and the life of Flash should come to an end now.

A quick action was taken by Mozilla’s support Chief Mark Schmidt and he announced that Firefox has turned off all the versions of the Flash and it would be available in the Firefox from now onwards which would mean that the users of the Firefox may not have access to turn on  the plug-in to access Flash content. Such requirement of Flash will be fulfilled only with the help of another different browser.

W3Techs, a technology survey company told that despite of this step taken by Firefox, a positive sign for the Firefox is that it will not lose much of its users as there are only 11% websites which use Flash.

Flash has been used for over a decade, the function of which was to act as an add – on extension which gives access to view the rich content including many web videos games and animations. Importance of the Flash can be judged with the YouTube which asked its viewers to install the Flash plug – in software without which its videos were unable to run,

The problems started for Flash in 2010 when Steve Jobs mentioned in his open letter about the Adobe Company for its Flash player the number one reason Macs crash and he further said that the security records of Flash were worst in 2009. It was a right thing which Steve Jobs said and that is why Flash has never been able to get support or iPhone. Android phones were Flash supported in the beginning but it has been ended in 2011 and till then smart phones did not have Flash support. YouTube also started playing its videos with the support of Flash in 2015, it left Flash officially.

Although Mozilla has said that there might be chances that Flash will be re-enabled someday but there is a condition that such version of Flash player is to be released which is not being actively exploited by publicly known vulnerabilities.