Flip Phones: The Call Of 90’s

If the Flip phone us best for the special Agent Leroy Gibbs of NCIS, then it will said to be good enough for Randy Martin who lives In Melbourne.

Yes you have got the right news. A flip phone! It was the kind of phones that were used in the late years of 90’s or you can also use it when you are one of the staunch supporters of the cell phones that are not good in doing anything except call or text.

Don’t think that it’s declining the modern technology system, it is just for bucks challenged millennial that are not able to afford a cell phone with latest technology. The sales of the Smartphones didn’t take the place of the flip phones in last year.

Many people say that they are still using these phones in the present time because they are more trustable and cannot be broken easily. And the major part of it is that without all the contacts, applications and the bells, the monthly bill of the phone is not higher than the tower cell.

These only gadgets are used only for taking the calls and also calling other people. What kind of flip phone we are having, they can send the text or not.

A Samsung user whose name is Martin said that I am one of those people who is still a Samsung lover, even after using the flip phone for almost more than 8 years. He told that I thought many times to change it but then I am not a big fan of social media and I rarely use computer or ipad. I would really like to play with it as little as I would, but I cannot just the price of it yet.

People are moving back to flip phones as they are easy to operate and you just have to flip and the phone is open to use.