For Week Ending 5th September, 2014, Here’s 5 Winning Travel Brands On Social Media

With the close of the summer season, there was a slowdown in the activity over social media. The surprising thing is that most of the activities were not triggered by the passengers who were expressing their frustrations with respect to flight delays over Twitter. On the other hand, more followers were gained by Airlines across two platforms, namely Twitter and Instagram.

Every Friday, travel brands with a stronger that the normal activity over social media are called out. Using SkiftIQ, current performance is compared to past performance (usually an average of two months is taken, if it is not otherwise specified). Moreover, spikes in activity are also noticed which highlight the fact that a brand possesses a viral hit or it is a mess with respect to public relations.

Qantas on Instagram

Samantha Jade, Australian pop singer, performed at the business lounge of Qantas Airways in Los Angeles Airport. The airline reposted snap of the star by radio station Nova 96.9 at the entry point of the plane. The event was successful in turning up the Instagram followers of the airline by 77%. This was done through the addition of 166 new Followers as against the average number of 72 followers per day.

Virgin America on Twitter

Virgin America attracted new followers over Twitter through a large number of activities including mentions from some of the partners, a content contest generated by users, a special announcement as well as promotions of deals. From last Friday onwards, the follower base was increased by 76% with an average rate of 590 followers per day. There was a photograph of the crew in uniforms decked out with cowboy hats which constituted the most attractive tweet. He snap was highlighting the announcement of the service shift to Dallas Love Field from Dallas Fort Worth.

British Airways on Twitter

Over the last week, this airline has been involved in saying hello and tweeting regarding the weather along with a timestamp every morning. Though they faced good weather in London as well as the cities close by, delayed were faced so far as the other cities are concerned. Inquiries were acknowledged by the social customer service team which also followed up, requested the removal of case numbers by passengers. Moreover, there was a considerably large number of travelers, who felt great to have this experience and thanked the team. The Twitter status went up by 139 tweets, which is a 45% increase as compared to the daily average.

Royal Caribbean on Instagram

Cocktails are a great favorite with cruise passengers. A component of its crowd-sourced content, a photo was posted by Royal Caribbean from a fan. She was also ‘mentioned’ and ‘tagged’. The post brought in 182 comments which incorporated a large number of ‘mentions’ coming from other Instagram users. The account registered a 40% increase, with 174 new followers.

KLM on Instagram

Although KLM is not one of those who involve in regular posting over Instagram, enough followers were gained by it. The result was 21% increase in the number of followers which is usually 172 followers per day. The content included flat screens for passengers traveling in business class and crew photos in the airport