Gadgets Becomes The Security Threat For Fans

In the coming years, where the world is modernizing with the latest and much advanced technology innovation, we could find that our life becomes the slave of these technological machines. On one hand, they have provided us, convenient and fast access towards the things,on the other hand, various flaws connected with the such advance machines.

Recently, some gadget company has come with an innovative idea, of the wifi-enabled talking doll which is the specially designed to inspect the speech of the child and formulate the child response appropriately. Although the Gadget is the best discovery of the company, but it has some security threats, like it records all the speech after listening to the child. The speech could be added with all the sounds which are coming with the child speech and it then stores into the cyberspace.

The gadget becomes the dangerous weapon of the cyber attack, if some creepy technician have listened the recorded data and used for the illegal act against the user. This would be the alert for the families to save themselves from the cyber as well as a spy act of the third party, who could use the data for the serious act against them.

According to the Jeff Moulton, DO Cyber Research Center in Louisiana University, there are almost more than 20 billion connected devices in the world in the near future which would be allotted to every person. He further added that, for the organizations and the businesses, the implications of such devices are enormous, but many users of these devices were unaware blissful about the potential of the harm, which could affect on their lives.

The example of such threats which could affect on the Gadget holder’s life, is if some car mechanic installed some malware into the obd2 chip, which is basically communicate with all the car sensors and it would be remotely hijacked by the installer. They could freeze the car brakes or make the car shut off with this dangerous technological weapon. Such attacks are noticed outside the meter of the parking, when the consumers, reached at a certain point,where their security and the privacy severely controlled and used.

In the latest Apple iPhone, the user could open and work on the garage door before going into the driveway. This is the most appealing and the convenient gadget app,but it is the serious threat to the security of the customers and the users by leaking the information which is handled through this app.

The same case, with the usage of the credit card account, which the people use for the payments and the other financial services. When they use the credit card in the computer, they risk the lives of the user as the card information could be used by the third party, if mentioned in the un-trusted websites. Due to this, last year, the U.S had got almost more than 6000 cases on the card account theft last year with the same procedure of payment by the card.