Gadgets Like Cantact Could Hack Your Vehicle In Just $60

Today the cars have not been secured from the hackers. There are many gadgets in the market which are new tool for the hackers to hack the peoples’ cars. With the advancement in the technology, the artificial intelligence where ease the man’s life, also troubles the human life with the disadvantages of this advancement.

Gone are the days when digitally hacking of the electronics of cars was impossible. This hacking got special skills in the researchers of the security. But now it is not a big deal to hack any car electronics. At almost $60 and a laptop, a hacker could control the car digital tools and operate according to their will.

On March 25, the security conference of the Black Hat Asia stunned the world when a guy of age 24 years Eric Evenchick from Singapore displayed his new project which was named as CANtact. The device has an open sources which he was planning to sell at $60 to $100. The device needs to connect with the laptop as a USB port from one end and for the other, it needs any vehicle OBD2 port which is part of network port found under the dashboard of the vehicles.

The CANtact device seems cheap linked between the vehicles, CAN bus and the computer devices which controlled the whole system. As we know the vehicle control system could handle all the system from the brakes to the windows and if CANtact connects to the main motherboard, then all controlled is transferred to this new device. As a result the drivers couldn’t control his vehicle on the roads if the new splendid device is connected with the car or bus control system.

At a conference the Evenchick claimed that

“I realized that there were no good tools for me to play around with this stuff outside of what the auto industry uses, and those are incredibly expensive. I wanted to build a tool I can get out there, along with software to show that this stuff isn’t terribly complicated.”

The boy hopes that his car hacking device is much cheaper and beneficial as compared to the companies who have already introduced alike products in the market but in million dollar price. This product is specially designed for the amateur drivers who always want an automatic system of controlling their vehicle.

The sole purpose of the invention of this car hacking system is not malicious, but it is designed to boost car hacking hobby and for the research security which always exposed and fix vulnerabilities of the cars.

The University of Washington researchers in San Diego explained in 2011 that now the cars network could be accessed with the help of the wireless attacks which are used by the Bluetooth device connection, through the malware in driver’s Android phone and cellular radio’s like On-Star.the car’s OnStar-like cellular radio, and even Android malware on the driver’s phone.

The device seems protective and advanced for the car control, but it gives different working experience against the anti hacking or protection of the vehicle to the different automobile companies.