Gadgets To Be Developed That Will Help Protect The Troops By Improving Their Armour

If you thought that the US Government only concerned itself with warplanes and tanks then there is the need to think again. News is out that the Pentagon is carrying out new research and the aim it to go small and not large. They want to take technology that is already in existence and make it smaller – microscopic in fact.

The A2P program – Atoms to Product – is aiming to produce materials that is atom sized and that will be able to be used in the construction of consumer products as well as military ones. The scale would be 100,000 times smaller than the products available now said a spokesperson for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

It is hoped that once completed the project will allow there to be drones the size of hummingbirds and incredibly small clocks. It is believed that these two projects have already been started although not completed.

A program manager at DARPA has explained that if things go to plan, there could be a new class of material created that have nanoscale properties.

As materials are created and they have dimensions of 1-100 nanometers – 1 and 1 billionth meter – then there is going to be a big change in the property. There will be differences when it comes to electric conductivity, melting points and they will react in their own way if they are mixed with specific chemicals. This is all information that has been put forward by the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

It is clear that if this is successful there will be many advantages to using them and they will be instrumental in improving both civilian and military technology. The hope is that there will be the need for glue eliminated and one of the greatest hopes for the future is a new type of armour. The new armour will be able to withstand quick changes in temperature without suffering any damage it is claimed.

There is another aspect to nanomaterials and this is what the experts are referring to as tunability. As the size of the particles is altered, the scientists have reported that they can now fine tune certain aspects and this will help the researchers when it comes to carrying out their own designs. There have already been stories that the aim is to create part of the technology that will be to develop microchips and sensors that are only going to reflect or absorb particular wavelengths of light.

All in all good news for the forces and those working alongside them.