Germans Angry Over The Hate Speech On Facebook

Managers of the Facebook have been forced to take an action against the flood messages showing the hate for the immigrants on social media. The action over these hate messages has been taken by the German Green Party which made the Facebook aware of this in a video of four minutes. The anti-immigrant abuse have been read out by the leader of the Greens’ parliamentary, Katrin Goering-Eckardt who said that these messages are dirt and belongs to the bin.

Facebook was urged by her that it should remove such dirt permanently and should not be allowed anymore on the pages of Facebook.

Germany is facing a challenge of large of migrants now which might be almost 80,000 this year and majority of them are the refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

A campaign named as “Green’s anti-racism” has been started on the Twitter that was indicated by the Green’s leader to the readers on Facebook. She also had to face the critic and some negative comments over that video after which she also warned those people who insulted her. Katrin said that she was speaking for many Germans as there are people who could not defend the refugees openly but are now helping them.

Facebook says in its section of “Community Standards” that it deletes the speeches that show hate towards someone and include the content in which people are personally attacked regarding their race, national origin, ethnicity, sex, religion, gender, diseases or some serious disabilities,

But it also says that they are dependent on the community who will report them such content after which it is removed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also showed criticism over the issue and said that the Facebook should enforce better rules in case of hate speech while Heiko Maas who is the Interior Minister of Germany who has decided to meet the executives of Facebook on Monday so that the issue can be discussed.

Mrs. Merkel said that when people use such names for the others on social media which are not acceptable, it is not the duty of state but also Facebook should take action against them as it is a company and a platform which is used for such acts.

Ozcan Mutlu, a German Green MP of Turkish origin, received a hate message through his mail which and posted on Twitter which was a personal attack on his race. The state prosecutors were asked by him to take action against that the request was rejected.

Enrich Papa told the media that he had received the death threats for supporting the migrants. There are few other politicians in Germany who had shown the support for the migrants have got the threats of their lives.